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Camera lens does not extend and camera reads zoom error message

Shut off the camera. Turn the zoom button all the way to the right or left and hold it in place for approximately 5 seconds. Release the zoom button and then turn the camera back on, this should retract the lens.

If resetting the lens did not solve the issue, the lens will probably have to be replaced. To replace the lens, check out the guide posted here:

Camera takes pictures without me pressing any buttons

Press down on the shutter button and release it slowly. If the button releases with the pace of your finger, it is not jammed. If the button stays down during any part of the test, the button is jammed. To fix/replace a jammed button, view the guide that is posted here:

The motherboard might be at fault, sending signals for the camera to perform that the user did not intend. To replace the motherboard, view the guide that is posted here:

The pictures I'm taking aren't being saved to the SD card

The SD card lock might be on, which prevents the camera from interacting with the SD card. To check if this is the case, remove the SD card from the camera and look on the left side of the SD card; there should be a small switch. Ensure that this switch is not in the "lock" position and try to take another picture.

If the SD card is not locked, the SD card itself might be faulty. To see if this is the case, remove the SD card in question and insert an SD card that is known to work. If it does work, then the SD card is at fault.

If the SD card is not at fault, the motherboard might be the issue. To replace the motherboard, check out the guide posted here:

Screen doesn't turn on when camera is turned on

The battery might not have enough power to power the LCD screen. If this is the case, simply charge the battery for around 10 to 20 minutes. After the charge time, try to turn on the camera and see if the display works.

If the battery is not at fault, the screen may have become disconnected from the motherboard due to any outside force. To check on this connection, the motherboard must be accessed. To access the motherboard, check out this guide on how to replace it, but stop once the motherboard is open! Once you have visual confirmation on the motherboard, check the connection between the LCD screen and the motherboard. It is a simply wire strip that connects these two pieces. If the connection is intact, the problem is probably something different.

I try to take a picture with the flash on and it doesn't work

Make sure the following modes are turned off when trying to operate the camera's flash setting: Auto Bracket Mode, Burst Mode, the Scene Modes, 3D Photo Mode, Creative Control Mode. When these modes are disabled the user should be able to access the flash setting.

To deactivate simply press the right arrow key to display the flash settings. Use the cursor button to deselect the Forced Flash Off setting. You can also accomplish this by selecting any of the other setting in the list.

Another common problem is that the camera simply needs to charge because the battery is low. Just connect the camera to the charger to replenish the battery.

If none of the above work to activate the flash then the flash unit might be not working or has failed. You can try replacing the flash unit manually.

My light meter is no longer working for my camera

A solution might be to replace the current clock battery inside the camera with a new and working one.

My Lumix DMC-ZS19 had worked great. Now it is operating very slowly: When I take a picture, the lens now stays open for a couple of minutes while it says it is “writing.” Even worse is when I try to playback-it takes forever to open (it just keeps saying “please wait”). These problems, especially latter, developed progressively, to the point where I now can’t play back or date stamp photos. The battery is charged. Please note: I did take over 600 photos on a recent trip (which are still on the 16GB memory card. Any thoughts?

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