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Pioneer FH-X730BS Troubleshooting

Identified as model number FH-X730BS.

Phone won't connect to Bluetooth

Phone Bluetooth cannot find Pioneer FH-X730BS

Devices have not been paired

If this is the first time trying to connect, make sure the Pioneer FH-X730BS and the desired device are in pairing mode when connecting . You can pair your devices under the Bluetooth settings. Navigate the Pioneer FH-X730BS Bluetooth settings to turn on pairing mode.

Pioneer FH-X730BS Pairing Issues

The Pioneer FH-X730BS can only pair up to three devices at a time. You will run into issues if more than 3 devices are paired, so make sure to disconnect any devices that are not needed. Navigate the Bluetooth settings on the Pioneer FH-X730BS to "forget" a remembered device.

Stereo won't turn on even though car is on

Pioneer FH-X730BS will not boot up when car is started.

Blown Fuse

The fuse found in the back of the head unit may be fried. If the fuse appears non-functioning (i.e. scorch marks, melted plastic, etc) Replace the fuse .

Loose Wiring

Wires providing power may have come loose. Check all connections to make sure all wires are secured in place.

Stereo turns on and off while driving

Pioneer FH-X730BS is unreliable, specifically when going over bumps.

Faulty Wiring

If wire coating is stripped, going over bumps can cause wires to come in contact with each other or other metals causing accidental grounding. Consider changing wires or re-coating current ones.

Insufficient Power Supply

Fuse in the back of the Pioneer FH-X730BS may not be the correct rating, restricting the power available. Replace the fuse with an appropriate one.

People can't hear me through Bluetooth

When calls are made, quality of calls are poor or can't be heard at all.

Microphone Placement

Make sure the microphone is secured in a location where your voice can clearly be heard and nothing is covering the microphone.

Microphone Connection

Check to see if the microphone is connected property to the Pioneer FH-X730BS. If connection is secure, and microphone still doesn't function properly, replace the entire microphone assembly.

My phone won’t pair when I shut my car on and off when the radio turns back on and I try to pair my phone it’s says it’s out of rang

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