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Device won't turn on. ¶ 

No matter what I do, I can not get my Plantronics Voyager Legend to turn on.

Power button is broken. ¶ 

If the power button is broken, follow steps in the Plantronics Voyager Legend battery replacement guide that details how to remove the buttons.

Dead battery. ¶ 

It is possible that the battery has malfunctioned or become disconnected. Follow the steps in the Plantronics Voyager Legend battery replacement guide.

Water damage to battery. ¶ 

Water damage could have caused a short in the battery. Replace the battery by following the Plantronics Voyager Legend battery replacement guide.

My voice is not clear to the receiver of the phone call. ¶ 

The receivers of my phone call either can not hear me, or they are having a hard time hearing me.

Connect button is not working. ¶ 

Either the Connect button has not been engaged or the Connect button has malfunctioned. Follow the steps in the Plantronics Voyager Legend microphone replacement guide to replace this button.

Microphone malfunctioned. ¶ 

The microphone assembly consists of a voice tube and a circuit board. One or both of these components may have malfunctioned. To repair, follow the Plantronics Voyager Legend microphone replacement guide.

Water damage to the microphone assembly. ¶ 

The microphone assembly has gotten wet, causing the circuit board to malfunction. To replace this component follow the steps in the Plantronics Voyager Legend microphone replacement guide.

I can't hear the person on the other end of the call. ¶ 

I am having difficulty hearing through my device, or at times I can not hear anything at all.

Volume is turned down or off. ¶ 

The volume may be turned down to a minimal level. Simply use the volume button to increase the volume level. Attempt this before disassembling the device unnecessarily.

Earpiece assembly is not working. ¶ 

The earpiece unit could have become disconnected internally. Replace the earpiece assembly by following the Plantronics Voyager Legend earpiece replacement guide.

Water damage to speaker inside earpiece. ¶ 

The device got wet causing the speaker system to malfunction. Replace the earpiece assembly using the Plantronics Voyager Legend earpiece replacement guide.

The earpiece does not fit correctly. ¶ 

I cannot get the earpiece to fit correctly./I cannot get the earpiece to stay in my ear.

The orientation of the earpiece unit is not correctly aligned for the user's personal comfort. ¶ 

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is comprised of three swiveling sections. The movement allotted by these different sections allow it to be placed on either the left or right side of the head. Try rotating the different segments slightly to see if a better fit can be achieved.

The soft, rubber, protective earpiece tip is damaged. ¶ 

The soft clear earpiece located on the earpiece assembly may be damaged. Follow the steps in the Plantronics Voyager Legend earpiece replacement guide that detail the replacement of this component.

One or more of the components were damaged to cause the balance of the unit to become off-kilter. ¶ 

The unit is balanced by the different components that comprise it. If one of these components becomes too damaged the unit will lose its ability to balance. Refer to the Plantronics Voyager Legend device page to find the appropriate guide for replacement of the damaged component.

The device will not connect a call or keeps dropping calls. ¶ 

Whenever I am engaged in a call the device will either not connect or it will connect and then drop the call.

The battery is drained. ¶ 

Plug the unit into the charger to see if this will remedy the problem.

The battery is defective. ¶ 

It is possible that the battery is defective and will not hold enough charge to complete the call. If charging the unit does not work refer to the Plantronics Voyager Legend battery replacement guide to install a new battery.

The main internal circuit board is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced. ¶ 

If the battery is not the problem, it is likely that the main circuit board has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. Follow the steps in the Plantronics Voyager Legend battery replacement guide to locate the main circuit board, on which the battery is attached, to replace the circuitry.

The device cannot discovered by other devices in bluetooth scanning

Irawan Agus Sulistya - Antwort

I mean, at the first time I buy it, the device is easily paired with my android phones. But never able to found by iOS devices. And then after a long time I didn"t use it, it cannot connect any longer with my android phones. it said that the password is incorrect. Can you help me I just upgrade the firmware, but still the problem remains.

Irawan Agus Sulistya - Antwort

My headset keeps connecting/disconnecting don't know why.

cedricbeard34 - Antwort

I took the advice of those that review and bought two of these units. One formy wife and one for me. When it works it's great. Then it just doesn't. (Apple 6 by the way) It will start to call and you can hear siri and then you have to pick up your phone. It shows it's still paired with blue tooth but it just doesn't work. We are both at our wits ends. Is there a fix for this or did I just waste money because of our apple phones?

walkh2o - Antwort

I have a similar problem with one of the units I got, if you download the PLT hub app and try disabling "On ear detection", you lose a heap of the nice features but that got one of mine working.

koshatul -

The Bluetooth voice just quit announcing calls or telling me anything. Any advice?

joelofray - Antwort

Did you update your phone

mikedewaards -

Any solution to this issue? I thought my problem was the headset itself, so I purchased another Voyager Legend and it does NOT announce caller either! What's up with this Plantronics??? Fix this already! I use the Samsung Note 4 phone and up until the new Android OS update last year, call announcement worked fine, it completely quit after the upgrade!

camobley64 -

i can talk and hear ppl on my other phone but it will no longer let me hear or talk to anyone on this phone. i updated it and re paired my device still nothing

pitschkp - Antwort


The bluetooth keeps disconnecting from the android phone Galaxy S7 Edge when making phone calls or receiving calls, have to click the bluetooth icon while on call and connect the earpiece also does not update VIA mac Plantronics Hub.

Other problem is that the VOYAGER 5200 SERIES no voice control after using view times.

Assassin 404 - Antwort

Mine does the same thing. Galaxy s7. Have to manually hit "Bluetooth" and then it's fine. I know other people have to be having this issue. I can't update mine with the uploader as I no longer have the USB, I've been charging it with the optional battery pack. It will announce who is calling, stream music, everything it's supposed to except answer a %#*@ phone call hands free like it's supposed to

Darin Ridgeway -

I'm having the same issue, with the S7, it can drop bluetooth off 3-4 times during a 10min call, my cheap ZTE phone also does it but only like once every few days, HTC One M9 (workmate's with 5200) also disconnecting but only about once a day, and it is disconneting more and more, their must be something you can fix with a f/w update please!!!

Andy McKeown -

After a email to Plantronics this info fixed my issue,

make sure using latest f/w.

After the update, try to reset the Bluetooth connection between your phone and headset to see if that helps the issue. To do so, first delete the headset from your cell phone's list of paired devices. Once deleted, power your phone completely off, then power it back on. This resets the Bluetooth stack in the Bluetooth software on the phone. Finally, re-pair the headset with your phone.

Andy McKeown -

Hello there, I had the same problem with the voyager disconnecting all the time during calls. As for me the problem was that the sensor that checks if the headset is placed in your ear failed and thought I have removed the headset from my year. To see if this is the problem you have to install the Plantronics Hub app. There you can see the state of your headset, and additionally you also disable the sensor that causes the problem to bypass the problem.

kotaras -

I had the same problem with the voyager legend disconnecting all the time. The problem as for me was that the ear sensor failed so it transferred the call back to my phone. To check if this is your problem install the Plactronics Hub android app. There you can see the state of the headset when the headset has transferred the call. Also you can change the setting of the headset, for example I disabled the setting "Wearing Sensor" and the problem is solved.

kotaras -

My Plantronics Edge won't announce who is calling

gregg jannetti - Antwort

I'm experiencing the same issue with my Voyager Legend. Have you found a solution to your issue?

Dee S -

Shuts BT on my Galaxy s7 off when I make or receive a phone call EVERY time. I have to manually take the phone and hit the BT button. I need hands free, winter is just around the corner and good gloves are a must working outdoors. I also want the phone to work properly.

Darin Ridgeway - Antwort

The headset is not staying connected during the call. It keeps flashing a red and blue light on and off..How do i fix this?

shadz1004 - Antwort

ugh, mine is doing the same thing. This is so annoying... Mine just started doing this a few months ago but it's getting worse. My friend has the same one and she's having the same issues.

Charlotte Elliott - Antwort

My PTL edge keeps beeping while dieing and during conversations drives me crazy

akristi46 - Antwort

How do I fix this problem

akristi46 - Antwort

i have same problem when dialing and during calls bleeps and flashes constantly,it is fully charged ,i bsee other people have same problem whats going on plantronics

milambrer shadowfell - Antwort

My legend headset is connecting and disconnecting during a call. What is going on playtronics? Can we get this fixed? Or do we have to throw these out the window and find ones that actually work? This is beyond frustrating especially when you are talking with your boss and you are a truck driver. We need our hands to drive!!! This seems to be a common thing going on. I'm about at my wits end and about to say screw it and find a Bluetooth headset that works. It really says a lot when a company can't even reply back about their product and let people know what's going on with it.

Tell us how to fix your buggy bluetooths!!!


Bethany Stamper - Antwort

Any solution to this issue? I thought my problem was the headset itself, so I purchased another Voyager Legend and it does NOT announce caller either! What's up with this Plantronics??? Fix this already! I use the Samsung Note 4 phone and up until the new Android OS update last year, call announcement worked fine, it completely quit after the upgrade!

camobley64 -

I have PLT Legend, was connecting and disconnecting calls. Plantronics support was awesome, wish I had called months ago. go to their web page, support. Update firmware if needed (headset needs to be plugged into computer, there is a way to update via phone as well) download and apps, download Plantronics Hub, update firmware if needed then go to settings. There is a sensor setting I turned off. (this setting detects contact with your head, if you wear glasses it is problematic. I also changed HD setting. Call sound is awesome

Donna jean Brady -

hello folks from the first day it did not charge right, but I have a new cable ordered , the store I bought it at said that was my problem it is, I cleaned the contacts and it goes blue for a few blinks and then stops, does that mean it is charging

steve - Antwort

i added my comment already see above

steve - Antwort

Mine keeps disconnecting from my phone randomly.....still showing connected via Bluetooth on phone, but calls are routed back through handset...

Corey Timms - Antwort

Hello all! If you are facing the disconnecting problem try to disable the Wearing Sensor from the Planctronics Hub app.

kotaras - Antwort

Hello all! Try to disable the wearing sensor from the official app of the headset

kotaras - Antwort

Phone one disconnected (or) Phone 1 disconnected. Connection with iPhone iOS 10.n This constant message is annoying. The cause is when another BlueTooth device comes into proximity which almost everywhere. The headset disconnects from my paired device and tries to connect to the foreign device. The failed pairing times out and reconnects issuing a "Phone one connected" message. Has nothing to do with firmware, or iPhone settings, or turning devices off and on. I work in IT and this is strictly a software issue unless the device I have is faulty. Suggestions are welcome.

Bottom_End - Antwort

Devise keeps turning volume down randomly

teresa420 - Antwort

Mine does the same did you find a solution ?

Sandra Meyer -

My Volume keeps cutting all the way down to low.

Sandra Meyer -

My PLT Legend kept dropping the sound and reverting to the speaker phone. I gently tapped it on the desk and the problem stopped. Working well. Possibly a loose battery or connection.

invstgr7a - Antwort

Folks, I have a Cisco IP phone on my laptop and when I use my B235 Bluetooth headset I hear a static noise on my Voyager B235 headset I called the support and they asked me to turn off the audio sensing when I turned it off it worked and there was no static but the problem with turning off the audio sensing is that you will no longer hear the system sounds (Laptop) as well it only transmits the IP phone's voice not the system sounds.anyone else has a similar issue. any fix?

Sandeep Ramesh - Antwort

ONly bought my plantronics voyager bluetooth headset 2 months ago and now it will not connect up with my phone, something is wrong with the bluetooth, as noone in the office can find it when scanning bluetooth devices!

What a pain in the arse having to return something only a month or two old… piece of junk!

Simon Carter - Antwort

My headset tells me who is calling. But it don't give me option to answer or ignore , any tips ?????

Patrick Maloney - Antwort

Solution for You: (Its about how to dissable answer/ enable proceed in reverse order)

Neil -

PLT Legend turns on, announces phone connection, then announces connection to PC!!! AND PLAYS MUSIC THAT I'VE NEVER HEARD. This Drs office music plays over and over. There are no PCs on in the house. The only way to stop the music is to turn off the Bluetooth. Unpairing from my phone does NOT stop the music. I've tried reseting(holding the call button 6 sec). No red-blue light flashes! Same music plays on and on! What's the remedy?

Rae - Antwort

I also had the issue with my Voyager headset that kept disconnecting randomly. Initially I thought it was my car as I pair with that for music and tried just about everything under the sun. Finally found the solution, disabling the “Wearing Sensor “ (through the Hub program that you need to install on your PC) resolved it for me. Huray, one year of frustrations has finally ended, I feel that Plantronics should publish this more clearly as it’s hazardous to have to “fit the darn headset” while driving a car and while on a phone call.

Marc Creemers - Antwort

I don't know how the little rubber piece goes on

Linda - Antwort

Hello. I have microphone problems with my headset Plantronics Voyager Legend - people hear my very bad. I try to pair with another phone, but the problem persist... Any ideas?

piticas mihail - Antwort

Same problem. Noise cancelling trouble. If I move, (creates a little wind noise) person cant hear me. Stand still, and wait a few seconds, person can hear me. I tested by ringing myself with another phone in my other ear, (with finger over mic on other phone). Hold fingers over top and bottom of boom near mic, fixes it. I guess this disables the noise cancel function. I put some tape, a few laps around the boom, near the mic, to try that.

Neil Frazer -

Took tape off during call to colleague. I was clearer without tape covering the boom. Just have to keep boom off cheek, and not touch it, and stand still in a quiet place i guess.

Neil Frazer -

Sensor isnt working for answering calls. Or for phoning by pushing call button. I have tried turning off phone and repairing and sensor reset. I only purchased this today. Starting to regret it.

Michelle - Antwort

Drivin’ me Buggy!!! I don’t even have to move and it’s “beep Phone one disconnected”. 30 seconds later “Beep phone one connected” 30 seconds later “Beep, Phone one disconnected” 30 seconds later……….. HOW DO I STOP THIS? AAAAAAAAAGHH. HATE THIS THING.

Terry Loder - Antwort

My Plantronics Legend will not give me the option to answer or ignore incoming calls

Tonee - Antwort

My Plantronics Ledgen will not give me the option to answer or ignore in coming calls

Tonee - Antwort

I am currently unable to change the audio language on my Plantronics Voyager Legend using the Plantronics Hub. It seems to update it but then it doesn’t work and the audio language remains English-US.

nerfologist - Antwort

Same problem for me. Solved after ask to Plantronics Customer Care with Plantronics Hub previous version 3.10.2. Actual version 3.11 has a bug.

Andrea Moscatelli -

Bought my dad the voyager legend and he complained the first time he used it that- during navigation, the audio decreases after the first instruction and remains quiet. We tried turning up the volume on both devices, and also clearing all open apps and resetting both devices. Does anyone have a similar problem, solution, or suggestion?

Matt - Antwort

Not really which audio signal your talking about but i know that when I’m using my Waze app on my phone and listening through my Legend, if i recieve a call the Waze app volume will go low, like it’s just in the back ground. Once I finish the call the app will return to normal volume.

I’m not sure I helped or not.

Radar Rider -

When it says the main circuit board may have been damaged and needs replaced, I’m guessing that’s an indicator that I should just buy a new one? Mine has the problem of randomly disconnecting from my phone and then reconnects. Doesn’t do it all the time. Some days are good, some not. I bought the same device for my wife and hers does it all the time so we don’t use it now. It’s not the battery. I’m fairly sure it’s not the battery since I can use it for hours before it actually shuts off. I’m not adverse to replacing the circuit board if it’s cheaper than a new unit but where would I find one? I found a replacement battery but not the circuit board.

Hiattech - Antwort

Has your phone gone through an update since you 1st started using the earpiece?

You may need to remove the device from your bluetooth connections on the phone and then turn the phone off.

Once you turn the phone back on. Then re-pair the earpiece to the phone.

You also might be having the trouble that many have mentioned. Using the PLT Hub app, turn off the wearing sensor.

My earpiece is just over 2 years old and it has been having issues but I think mine are related to the circuit board. I just connect it to the laptop from time to time and make small changes to the setting using the hub app on my computer. Most times that seems to straighten out the problems for a while.

Radar Rider -

Is there any way to adjust the input volume on this device? I have to speak quietly or the person on the other end of the call thinks I’m yelling.

Briggy - Antwort

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