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Playstation TV Troubleshooting

Released in North America October 14, 2014 , identified by model number VTE-1001,

Playstation TV Won't Turn On ¶ 

When on/off button is pressed nothing happens.

Power Cable is Unplugged ¶ 

Make sure the power cord is plugged in to a working power outlet. Go to the Playstation TV device and follow the power wire to an outlet and make sure it it plugged in all the way.

No Display On TV ¶ 

There is power to the Playstation TV but nothing is showing up on my television.

HDMI Cable Not Connected ¶ 

Go to the Playstation TV and find the HDMI cable plugged into the back. Now follow the wire to the back of the television and make sure it is plugged in to the television.

Wrong Input Selected ¶ 

Check to see where the HDMI cable is plugged in to the back of the television. There will be a label telling you which HDMI input that corresponds with where it it plugged in. Now go into the input menu in the television and select the input that corresponds withe the input you found on the back of the television.

Internal Memory is Full ¶ 

Will not save game progress or allow content downloading.

System Update is Required ¶ 

If you receive this message then you need to follow the instructions given by Playstation on how to update the system so it will allow you to save the progress on a current game or the downloading of a new game.

Playstation TV is Not Responding When Controller Buttons are Pressed. ¶ 

When buttons are pressed nothing happens on the television.

Controller Not Responding ¶ 

Turn the controller over to the back. Take the cover off that protects the batteries. Remove the batteries and replace them with the same batteries that were removed. Now try to use the controller.

If the controller still is not working try to pair the controller to your Playstation TV unit per the required procedure given by the company.

Games Will Not Play. ¶ 

When game is inserted, the system says it is not compatible.

Game is Not Compatible With System ¶ 

A system update is required to update the firmware so the system can check for gaming updates. To do this you need to follow the instruction given by the company.

Playstation TV Overheated ¶ 

While on for a good while the Playstation TV got hot and shut down.

Overheating Issue ¶ 

Unplug the Playstation TV unit and allow to cool down. Now get a can of compressed air and blow air into all open areas and air ports of the device. This will clear any dust out of the unit to allow for proper cooling of the device. Plug the unit back in and repeat as necessary.

My tv turns on but the screen display won't show. The green light turns on and everything but then the tv turns off after however long and red light flashes

Lucas Bluhm - Antwort

my pstv cannot connect to internet and it keep say connect to the internet is off….but the connect to internet is turned on…..why?? can you fix that to me…….and it cant use ad hog play……..if i use to play ad hog play it keep say…….do you want to use network feature

naim mohd - Antwort

and one more…….the ps4 controller not in the wireless state…… can be use if i connect it with usb……but if i unplugged the usb…..the ps4 controller automatically shut down

naim mohd - Antwort

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