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Tablet Will Not Charge ¶ 

The charging indication does not appear on your tablet.

Broken Charger Cable ¶ 

Check the current charger with a similar charger to establish if the cord is faulty. If charging cord is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Damaged Battery Charging Port ¶ 

Clean the charging port where the charging cable plugs into the tablet. If you still experience problems, the charging port may be damaged. If the charging port is visibly damaged, then a motherboard replacement will be necessary.

Follow this link for a Motherboard Replacement Guide

Weak Battery Life ¶ 

Compare the current battery with a similar battery to establish if the component is faulty. Consider replacing your tablet's battery from the device's manufacturer. If the battery is damaged, then a battery replacement will be necessary.

Follow this link for a Battery Replacement Guide

Tablet Is Unresponsive ¶ 

The device is unresponsive to your actions.

Screen Is Insensitive To Touch ¶ 

First try powering off your device for one minute before turning power back on. If that still does not work try doing a hard reset by turning power off, then holding power button and volume up at the same time for 10 to 15 seconds. Use power button to choose an option and volume keys to navigate up and down to choose factory reset. If the glass screen is visibly shattered, then a screen replacement will be necessary.

Follow this link for a Screen Replacement Guide

Screen Freezes ¶ 

It is possible that the operating system file or firmware is corrupted. If restarting the devices does not work, download the firmware that is the same as the current one on the tablet using a computer onto an SD card. After it is downloaded, stick the SD card into the tablet and do a hard reset by turning the power off, then by holding the power button and volume up at the same time for 10 to 15 seconds.

Damaged Power Button ¶ 

If the battery of the tablet has been charged for about one or two hours with the charger, and the tablet will not turn on using the power button, the power button will need to be replaced.

Issues With Audio/Camera ¶ 

You are having difficulties with the device audio and camera.

Speakers Are Damaged ¶ 

Try activating the speakers through the settings by disconnecting and then connecting the speakers. If this does not successfully activate the speaker, try factory reseting the deceive. If you are unable to hear any sound out of your device at this moment, the speakers may be damaged. If the speakers are damaged, then a speaker replacement will be necessary.

Follow this link for a Speaker Replacement Guide

Shattered Camera Glass ¶ 

Clean the front and back camera to ensure that there is no shattered/ broken glass. If the camera glass screen is visibly shattered, then a camera replacement will be necessary.

Follow this link for a Camera Replacement Guide

Wifi Connectivity Issue ¶ 

You are experiencing problems connecting to a wireless network.

Network Availability & Router ¶ 

Make sure the network you are experiencing issues with is a valid network with a working router. If so, try connecting a different device with the valid network you are experiencing issues with to diagnose if you have a defective outgoing wifi signal.

Weak/Defective Wifi Signal ¶ 

If there is no problem with the network, it is possible that the deceive itself is sending weak/defective outgoing signals that allow a wifi connection. Try factory reseting your device to allow the device to search for new wifi networks.

Damaged Wifi Antenna ¶ 

If you are still experiencing issues connecting to a wifi network, you may have a defective wifi antenna which will need to be replaced.

Hello I've had my Polaroid tablet for almost a year now and ever since I've gotten it the ram was just horrible. When you go to ram even just after resetting it it will say. It's 95-98% completely used. Now Everytime I play a game or get a new app they crash and some won't even open. My mom has the same version as mine and also has the same problem with the ram. What's wrong and how can I fix this? If I can't fix it, it's going into the trash.

gabriellesutcliff - Antwort

how do you turn the microphone off

donnad24 dizzy123 - Antwort

how do I get the keyboard to work again

donnad24 dizzy123 - Antwort

I hope you can help with these two questions

donnad24 dizzy123 - Antwort

The back light is out on mine is their anywhere I could still order back lights off of or no?

Theodore - Antwort

I have never been able to hear the other person on my phone unless I turn on speakerphone. Any ideas?

blairhodgson55 - Antwort

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