Polaroid One-Step 600 Troubleshooting

Camera Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Dead Battery ¶ 

If the camera does not turn on, the problem may be that the battery is dead and needs to be replaced. The cartridge holding the undeveloped film and power pack are the same unit. After replacing the cartridge, the camera should turn on.

Guide to Replace Battery

Camera Will Not Take Pictures ¶ 

Out of Film ¶ 

If you are trying to take pictures, but the camera will not shoot, the camera may be out of film. All you need to do is replace the cartridge. Once the cartridge is replaced, try turning the camera on and taking a picture.

Repair Guide to Replace Film

The Flash Will not Go Off ¶ 

Bad Connection Between the Bulb and Camera ¶ 

If the flash will not go off while taking a picture, there may be a bad connection between the camera and flash. The wires may have been severed and will need to be checked out.

The Bulb is Burned Out ¶ 

If the flash still will not go off after the connection has been checked out, the bulb may have burned out. You may need to replace your Polaroid camera.

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I will put the film into my camera and it will make a loud kind of "rrrrr" and the top rolly thing (sorry if you need a more detailed description ask) keeps spinning until I take out the film. This camera was my great grandpas before he recently passed and I want to use it like he did.

Please help.

Mary Gray - Antwort

I received a polaroid 600 for Christmas and I have just tried to use it andoes it has done the same thing .. I took one picture and it spat out all 8 and the roller won't stop going until we take the photo try out .. hope we get some help

Liane Spiller -

I have the exact same problem here! Help!

Mon -

I have the exact problem!!! Did you find out how to fix it after all???

ilka21792 -

I've been using a spirit 600 for a few months and it's been working great. All of a sudden it's stopped ejecting pictures. I've lost two packs of film so far to this :( any help is appreciated.

Michele B. - Antwort

have you found out what happend? Mine is taking the picture but the film wont come off. So i have to shoot again and again until it finally does and the picture ends up with like double or triple exposition.

luisa -

Hoping someone could help me.. I inserted a pack of film and it started shooting out the film without me closing it.. help! Do you think it's the film or the camera.. haven't had time to buy another pack so I'm gonna try that and see .. was wondering if that's ever happened to anyone

apr_alex13 - Antwort

Happened to me as well after I bought one from ebay, but it was working well with the second film pack.

Deadwing04 -

my spirit 600, every time I take a picture, it comes out green, anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Mariana Aramburu - Antwort

What does it mean if the green light doesn’t turn on

ThatGirlAriana - Antwort

Just bought a 600cl supercolor for my boyfriend. None of the lights on back and neither does the flash. I got my money back and bought him a new one but I was wondering if there’s anything we can do to fix the first one?

Hanna Hedin - Antwort

I have a vintage Spirit 600 Polaroid. Since last night the flash has not been going off and the picture comes out all black. I took it on a trip and think it may have gotten knocked around too much on the buses and flights. What could be the problem, just the bulb or something more serious?

Jahia Matilda - Antwort

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