Kitchen equipment, much like any other machinery, can't last forever or at least can't stay in pristine condition for an unlimited time. Sooner or later, you'll have to think about removing unwanted old appliances from your cooking area. Then, you might easily get confused trying to figure out what's the right way to do it. Because you can't just go out and throw old devices together with your regular waste left after cleaning – this is legally prohibited in most countries, as some electronic components are quite dangerous. So, here are the options.

One of the best things you can do is contact the retailer who sold the kitchen appliance in question. It's very likely that when you say goodbye to, let's say, your old oven – you'll need a new one to replace it. That's the reason why most stores have programs which allow you to have your old unit picked up by their staff and buy a new appliance with a discount. Benefits for the retailer: he makes sure you become a returning customer, benefits for you: your old device is not your problem any more.

If for some reason the above scenario won't work for you, here comes the next option. It's again a go-to type of solution. Hopefully, you still keep the original papers - like instruction manuals, etc. There you'll be able to see what the manufacturer recommends for the time when operation cycle is over. Maybe, they have partnering technicians who will pick up your old kitchen unit for free. If there's no information given in the papers, head over to the brand's official website and look up for advice there or alternatively, use their contact form.

There is an eco-friendly way as well. Why not save the planet and try to recycle your old, unnecessary appliance? There are plenty of authorised service points, where such old machines are accepted and get later refurbished. Or they'll eventually need some of the parts only, while everything else will be safely disposed of. Again, you get rid of the unwanted device, planet becomes a bit greener, and you might even get a small amount of money as a reward.

Sell or donate. So, here is another method to get rid of your used kitchen gear, but with two possible outcomes. When you sell it to someone you'll get some cash in return, but when you give it away – only moral satisfaction. Well, this is more of a ethical choice anyway. Donating your unit to one of the many charity organisations out there can actually make you feel much better than exchanging it for money. However, both ways will successfully solve your problem and you go green again, because you let the new owner reuse your old appliance.

Your last resort in order to dispose of kitchen appliances is to rely on teams that do cleaning and collections professionally - they can assist in such situations, too. As a part of their regular hygiene services and routines, nearly every specialised kitchen cleaning company offers collection and disposal of your old cooking tools. Of course, it's advisable to contact a customer representative by phone or email first, to make sure they will take proper care of your item.

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