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Computer is unresponsive and doesn't show any sign of turning on.

Check to make sure the computer is plugged into the wall. Also check if the charging light is illuminated. If not, the wall charger may be be faulty. Consider replacing the charger.

If the computer turns on, only while charging (shuts down when unplugged), then the battery may be faulty and needs to be replaced. Refer to the battery replacement guide.

Computer does not make sounds.

The computer could be muted under control settings. Check audio settings in the Control Panel. Ensure that volume is on and unmuted.

The connection between the speaker and motherboard could be loose or disconnected. Check connections to ensure everything is connected.

Plug in alternate speakers or head phones into audio jack. If sound occurs through other speakers or headphones, the built in speaker may have failed.

The software for speakers may be out of date. Check computer for updates and update if available.

The keyboard is unresponsive to key strokes and/or types characters not selected by the user.

Dirt or other debris could have built up on keyboard causing keys to not perform correctly. Power down the computer and clean around keys.

Dirt and grime may have built up underneath the keys. Remove sticky/dirty keys and clean underneath them.

The connection between the computer's keyboard and motherboard may have become loose. Remove the back panel and check for loose connections.

The whole computer screen is blue with white text, and will not boot up. This occurs due to an error occurring and relays diagnosis information to the user.

Restart the computer and run a diagnostic check. This could identify the problem with your device.

A bad connection may have occurred between the RAM and motherboard. To reset this connection, simply remove the RAM and put it back in. Follow the RAM replacement guide.

The hard drive may have went bad and consider replacing.

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