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Samsung DV180F Troubleshooting

After plugging the camera into charger, the battery does not charge.

If you find the camera is not charging when you plug the power supply into the wall , it's most likely an issue with the USB cable connected from the power supply to the camera. Once you buy a new cable and the camera is still not charging, it will be the power supply you need to replace.

If the battery is not facing the right way, then the battery may not charge. Make sure that the arrow on the face of the battery is pointing down into the camera. The battery contacts should go into the camera first if installed correctly.

It is possible that the battery chamber or the battery itself may have residue that is keeping it from charging correctly. With a dry cloth, wipe battery removing any built up residue. A steel wool can be used to remove top layers for heavy corrosion or dirt. To clean inside battery compartment, use cloth wrapped into a narrow object to reach deep inside compartment.

Now, insert battery and try charging again.

If battery still does not charge after these steps, replace the battery.

Lens becomes jammed and does not expand when the camera is turned on.

Pick the camera up and turn it on. Make sure that the lens is not getting stopped by any surface that would prevent it from extending. For example, if the camera were lying face down, the lens would not extend due to excess pressure.

If the camera does not have enough power, then the lens may not deploy. Turn on camera and check in the top right corner of the display screen. If the battery symbol is red and flashing, the battery is almost dead. Charge the battery fully and turn on the camera to see if the lens deploys.

Dirt in the lens mechanism could keep the lens from extending. A simple solution is to use compressed air on the lens to remove any particles in the gear mechanism. Use this link to see how to clean the lens mechanism: http://camerarepair.blogspot.com/2007/12...

When attempting to share photos and videos wirelessly through a WiFi network, by pressing the WiFi button on the top right of your camera.

Your camera will not be able to communicate with your WiFi network if you do not have a smart phone that has this app installed.

Make sure that you are near the WiFi router so that your camera can pick up its signal. Check the display on your router to see if the router is powered on and operating correctly. Reset the router, if necessary, by pressing the power button on your router or disconnecting the power cord. Wait ten seconds, then reconnect the power to the router.

If your battery is low, the camera will not use the WiFi sharing Function to conserve battery. Connect the camera to the charger and try to connect to a WiFi network again.

Error messages that appear when trying to save or access saved photos. For example, “Card Not Recognized” error message.

Refer to this link to solve memory card problems: http://www.softwarehow.com/sd-memory-car...

When the camera is powered on, the rear display screen does not illuminate or is very dim.

Open the battery door on the bottom of the camera and ensure that the battery is fully installed in the slot and is facing the right way. Make sure the battery is charged significantly or the screen will become very dim.

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