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The device will not connect, or is slow to connect to WiFi/3g when making calls or using the internet

If airplane mode is turned on, the device will not connect to WiFi or cellular data. To check if airplane mode is on, go to phone settings, select more, and you should see airplane mode toggled off. If it is toggled on, select it to turn it off.

If mobile data is disabled, the phone will work on WiFi but not on 3g networks. To check if mobile data is disabled, navigate to phone settings and select more. Then select mobile networks, and ensure that data enabled is toggled to on.

If the data limit has been reached, the phone will work on WiFi networks but not on 3g networks. To check if the data limit has been reached, navigate to phone settings on the device and select data warning, then select data limit. The device should display information on data usage for the current pay period. If the data usage is equal to the data limit, select the data limit and raise it to a higher value. This will allow usage of cellular data while not connected to WiFi until the new limit is reached.

If WiFi is disabled, the device will not connect to wireless networks. To check if WiFi is disabled, navigate to settings and select wifi. Make sure that the slider is toggled to on.

If you are in an area of low cellular reception and no WiFi networks to connect to, the device will be slow or unresponsive when attempting to make calls or use cellular data. To check if this is the case, go to the device home screen and look at the 3g logo at the top right corner of the screen. It will have several blue bars displayed if you have strong cellular reception. If there are few or no bars, power down the device and power it back on. If there are still few or no bars once the device has booted back up, you will need to move to an area with stronger reception to have a better cellular connection.

The device will power down on its own, will not take a charge, or will not power on

Start by attempting to charge the phone while it is off. If the phone does not turn on and display the charging screen saver, try these next steps. Clean the ends of both the charger and the charging port. Also make sure there is no damage to the cable and that it and it's USB-to-power converter are compatible with the device. Next try a different power outlet. If it is still not working, try replacing the charger. Lastly, if this new charger does not solve the issue, see the troubleshooting steps for a faulty battery.

Since the new charger is not working, chances are that the battery is faulty. Remove the back cover of the phone to expose the battery. Remove the battery, and replace it with a new one by following the guide for Samsung Galaxy Centura Battery Replacement.

Try another charge, and if it still does not work, there is a chance that the power button itself is malfunctioning and may need to be replaced. See the guide for Samsung Galaxy Centura Lock and Volume Buttons Replacement.

There is no audio coming from the speaker when sound should be playing

Make sure the speaker cover is unobstructed and clean. If it is, try a different audio source. Next, check to make sure audio plays through a functioning pair of headphones. If the sound is not distorted, the issue is with the speaker and it should be replaced. Refer to the guide for Samsung Galaxy Centura Speaker Replacement.

If the sound is still distorted from multiple audio sources, and through a functioning pair of headphones, the issue is more than just the speaker and a hard reset should be attempted to rule out software issues. Note that all user data that is not backed up will be lost in the process.

To perform a hard reset, first make sure all desired data is backed up, then power down the device. Once powered down, hold the power, home and volume up buttons all at the same time for several seconds. When the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release the power button while continuing to hold the home and volume up buttons. When the android logo appears, release both remaining buttons, and select wipe data/factory reset using the volume buttons to navigate and power button to select. Now choose yes to delete all data, and wait until reboot system appears on the screen. Once there, select it by pressing the power button. If sound is still distorted after performing a hard reset the motherboard may need to be replaced.

Make sure there is nothing plugged into the headphone jack, and that the phone is not connected to a Bluetooth device. Then ensure volume is not muted by pressing the volume up button several times. If there is still no sound coming from the device, try a different audio source such as a different song or video on the device. If there is still no sound coming from the device, the speaker may need to be replaced. Refer to the guide for Samsung Galaxy Centura Speaker Replacement.

If audio plays through the phone speaker without issues, but is distorted or doesn't play through headphones, the headphone jack may need to be replaced.

People can not seem to hear you during calls

There could be some connectivity not allowing your microphone to pick up your voice. First, ensure that there are no headphones connected into the headphone jack. Certain headphones that do not support microphone capabilities can possibly block sound. After this, make sure to disconnect Bluetooth. If it is turned on, your device might be attempting to connect to nearby devices, interrupting your mic picking up your voice.

Make sure that you do not have a phone cover or case that blocks the lower side of the phone that picks up your voice. Also, make sure the area around the mic is clean and does not have a buildup of dust or dirt. If so, clean with a soft cloth.

Go into the settings and make sure that no microphone settings are muted and reception is strong. If the microphone is still having issues, it may need to be replaced.

The device won’t take photos, or takes blurry/obstructed photos

If the camera takes blurry pictures, look at the lens located on the back of the device and ensure that it is clean. If it is dirty, use a lint free cloth to gently clean the surface of the lens. Now take another picture, making sure that the subject is clear and focused on the display. If the photo is still blurry, see the guide for Samsung Galaxy Centura Camera Replacement.

Ensure that the user's hand is away from the lens on the back of the device when taking the picture, and if there is a case on the device, ensure that no part of the case blocks the lens. If pictures still appear blocked or obscured, see the guide for the Samsung Galaxy Centura Camera Replacement.

If pictures are not being saved to the device, it may have run out of usable memory. Navigate to system settings, then select storage. If the available storage is low or at zero, space will need to be cleared before more pictures can be taken. Space can be cleared by deleting old photos, or apps off of the device. Make sure that any photos you do not want permanently deleted are backed up to a computer before deleting them from the device.

To delete photos from the device, navigate to applications and select gallery. This will display all photos saved on the device. Select the photo to be deleted and press the option button on the bottom left of the device, then select delete from the menu.

To delete apps from the device, navigate to system settings and select apps. Then press the option button on the bottom left of the device and select sort by size. The apps displayed near the top are using the most memory, while the ones near the bottom are using less memory. Select the app you want to uninstall and then select uninstall from the menu.

The Samsung Galaxy Centura does not have a flash function for its camera, so make sure the subject is well lit prior to taking the picture. Best results will be obtained by ensuring the light source is coming from the same side of the subject that the picture is being taken from.

The screen is broken or unresponsive

If the screen is frozen and unresponsive the phone will need to be powered down to resolve the issue. Hold down the power button until the phone shuts down. If this does not work, take the back cover off of the device and gently remove the battery, then reinsert the battery and power the device back on.

If there is visual damage to the screen such as a distortion, or coloration issue, reset the device and wait for it to reboot. If there are still issues, see the guide for Samsung Galaxy Centura Screen Replacement.

If there is physical damage to the screen, such as cracks or black portions of the screen that do not light up, see the guide for Samsung Galaxy Centura Screen Replacement.

How do you fix a silver screen when the Centura has been turned on

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