Samsung Galaxy s3

released may 2012, identified by model number i93000

the phone is not turning on. What should be the caused?

how do you install firmware for Samsung galaxy s3 model SGH-t999l

Charles Dawkins - Antwort

I did a factory reset on my phone and now it wont reboot. how do I install firmware to fix the problem?

Charles Dawkins - Antwort

It won’t boot at all? It seems that there may be a hardware problem then. Otherwise, if you’re not particularly attached to the Google Android system, I would recommend trying out LineageOS (, the installation instructions for which are here: NOTE: The preferred method of installing a custom system to a Samsung phone is through Samsung’s custom boot mode called “Download mode” – “rooting” the stock firmware is neither necessary nor required.

OmniWeb Technical Education - Antwort

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