Samsung NX2000 Troubleshooting

Samsung NX2000 Smart WiFi Digital Camera 20.3 MP APS-C Sensor with high sensitivity that allows for amazing picture capturing detail in any lighting.

No matter what you do, your camera won’t turn on.

When inserting the battery make sure the Samsung logo is facing towards the display screen.

The battery might not be charged enough. Plug in the USB cable into the camera and into a wall outlet/computer. The LED will be solid red when the camera is charging, when the camera is fully charged, the LED will turn off.

These two error messages refer to issues with the battery of your Samsung camera. To make sure this issue gets fixed remove the battery, make sure the metal connections are all clean and the battery compartment is free of debris. Reinsert the battery, don’t forget to make sure the battery is in the correct way.

Battery drains faster than usual.

Users may experience a short battery life when operating their camera in extreme temperatures. The camera should not be used under temperatures of 0℃/ 32℉ or when temperatures exceed 40℃/104℉ . If operating in these conditions then consider taking out the battery when camera is not being used and keep the battery under appropriate temperatures.

A fully charged battery can be used for approximately 170 minutes which allows for approximately 340 photos or approximately 130 minutes when recording high resolution videos (1920x1080 resolution and 30fps). If camera is being used for both pictures and videos then the battery will not meet the expected performance specifications. Users should be mindful of this fact and should recharge battery when needed. If battery is completely drained the approximate time to recharge will be 215 minutes (longer if being charged with a computer).

If users notice that battery life diminishes rapidly then it may be time to replace battery. An important reminder is to dispose of batteries properly.

If the camera shows that the battery is charged (LED light is off instead of red) when the charger is connected to a computer or wall outlet, the charger is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

You notice that the lens is placed improperly on the camera.

Look to see if cleaning the lens with a small toothbrush or pressure blower will fix it. If not take a soft dry cloth and proceed to cleaning it more thoroughly. If problem proceeds the lens may not be connected properly.

Ensure that the camera's lens is latched on correctly by lining up the film of the lens appropriately. First make sure that it is free of any debris or dust and sit it on top of the lens filming and turn in a clockwise motion until you hear a click. Your camera's lens is properly fitted.

If you have fit your lens perfectly on its film and turned it a clockwise manner as stated above, but the lock is not holding the lens in place, then it is possibly that the lens lock, located on the right side of the camera is defective. In this case it may to be replaced to ensure proper locking of lens.

You may get a Error message 00 which just means the lens was not connected properly. Remove the entire lens component and reattach it carefully. If problem persist it may be time to replace the lens. Click on the link to follow for the replacing guide.

The internal and external locks of battery are not locked into place, which is therefore not keeping the battery in place.

Like the jammed lens you might want to begin by making sure the lock is not dirty with any dirt or other particles that may render it useless. If problem persist use a warm semi dry cloth to clean around the locks.

If the problem continues to exist it may be time to replace the actual lock. Unfortunately since the locks are so small they cannot be fixed and only replaced. If the lock is missing completely then there may be a problem with the camera body holding the lock. Any which way the battery is not secure will lead to more problems down the line. You will need to replace the hinge of the battery lock door.

LCD display of camera will not function, if it being blurry, frozen, or unable to turn on.

If either of these problems arise, go into your camera’s settings and adjust the appropriate factors such as brightness from the menu. Make sure the LCD screen is free of any debris and the camera is turned off. After cleaning the screen, remove the lens from the camera and wipe with a microfiber cloth in a clockwise motion ensuring the lens is clean of any marks or spots. Remove the battery and memory card, ensuring no debris is in an any of these compartments. Reinstall all components and your camera back on. If problem is still persisting, the LCD screen will have to be replaced.

Make sure your camera is fully charged and connected to a power source. Turn on your camera after charging and if the problem is still there the LCD will need to be replaced.

If you have recently dropped or damaged your camera, it may have done internal damage to the camera and its motherboard. You will either have to try replacing the motherboard and restarting your camera or buying a new one.

The camera may have to be connected to a computer power source in order to allow the LCD display to be working properly again. This way you can ensure the camera’s display works properly while connected to your computer.

No camera flash is being produced when taking pictures.

Make sure your camera’s flash option is turned on and not in Auto Mode. If in bright lighting, this may hinder your camera's ability to produce a flash.

Turn the camera off and remove the battery and memory card from it and then reinsert them. Turn your camera back on to restore system settings and make sure your settings for the flash are appropriately turned on.

When the flash is not working it can indicate the camera needs to be charged because it stops using this function in order to conserve battery life. Turn off your camera and charge the battery and try the flash again.

The memory card is hindering your ability to record photos and is not working.

The memory card could potentially have reached its capacity with space. Delete any unwanted videos, photos or files on your camera to make more room for other areas of interest.

Certain conditions will defect a memory card such as temperature, mechanical damage, or it being scratched. Make sure your memory card is free of any of these conditions. If you notice it is too hot, allow for it to cool down, then reinsert it into the camera. Otherwise, if problems persist and the memory card is not working, you will need to purchase a new one.

Unlock your memory card by switching the lock switch off on the left side of the SD card or ensuring that it is “unblocked” Reinsert the memory card.

Turn your camera off and remove the memory card. Try to reinsert it and if problem persists, then you can change or reformat your memory cards settings through a computer, which can potentially erase data from the memory card. If the memory card continues to display an error it may be defective. You will need to purchase a new one.

No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to take photos.

Before delving into the guts of your Camera, make sure the ON/OFF switch is set to on. If camera will not turn on, please refer to “Camera Unable to turn on”.

The camera will not allow itself to capture pictures until the photos are in focus or if there is insufficient light for proper focus. If there is enough light and the camera does not focus, it is possible that the lens is bad and must be replaced.

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the memory card is bad. Power the camera off, remove both the battery and memory card and clean any dust off from the compartments. Insert the battery but not the memory card and power the camera on. Try to take a picture. If the camera takes a picture, insert the memory card and reformat your memory card. If the camera will still not take pictures, the issue might be the motherboard.

If the motherboard is defective, it is likely that it needs to be replaced.

Camera is turned on, screen is on, but you cannot scroll through the menu by toggling the menu button

Turn the camera off and remove the battery. Allow 5 seconds to pass then reinstall the battery and power the camera on.

Turn the menu button a full 360 degrees and feel if the button turns “loosely” or has a slight resistance. If it turns “loosely” the button assembly will need to be replaced.

It is possible that it appears as if the button should be scrolling through the menu but is not. If this is the case then the motherboard could be faulty and would need to be replaced.

My camera NX2000 lens 20-50mm error “Error 00”. How to fix it?

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