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This media player, released in 2009, replaces the YP-P2. It sports a 3" color touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity, and comes in 8, 16, and 32GB models.

You tap and tap, but you can't get the device to do anything.

The YP-P3 has a capacitive touch screen, which works because your fingers are slightly conductive. If your fingers or the screen are dirty, the tiny amount of current it uses may not flow at all. You can clean your fingers by washing and then drying them. Be careful not to get the screen wet. To clean the screen, you should use a microfiber or cotton cloth. If you don’t have these, your shirt will also work. Gently rub the screen, moving the cloth in small circles.It is also acceptable to use a computer screen cleaning product in addition to the cloth. (!! Caution !! do not use common window cleaning products as they may affect the screen.)

If cleaning does not help, try resetting the device. The reset hole is located on the bottom of the device. You will need a long, thin object like a paper clip. Push the paper clip (or similar) into the hole until the device powers down and restarts. Try using the touchscreen once the device restarts. If the touch screen is still not responsive after this step, you may need to replace it.

If none of the above steps made the touch screen work, you will probably need to replace the touch screen. You can return the device to the retailer you bought it from for repairs, or, if they will not perform the repairs, you can contact Samsung for repairs. Repairs are covered by your warranty, provided

  • You have a warranty card that is fully filled out, and
  • You have a proof of purchase for the YP-P3, such as a receipt.

You can read more about Samsung’s policy at their website.

However, you can also replace the touch screen yourself, and save time and money by doing it yourself.

The device will not reset when the reset button in the reset hole is pushed.

The button is recessed to prevent accidental pushing. You may need a longer or thinner tool to depress the reset button.

The device will not respond when power button is pushed or screen is tapped.

Try charging the battery. A full charge takes about 3 hours when the device is connected to a computer via the USB cable. Depending on how depleted the battery is, you may need to let it charge for 15 minutes before you can turn the device on.

If the battery does not hold a charge, or only holds a charge briefly, it should be replaced.

If your device tends to die quickly after having your device on for a limited time, are you using:

  • Subscription music
  • High backlight setting
  • Videos
  • Features (Standard features such as fast forward, rewind, accessing the menu)

All of these items can drain your battery pretty quickly. Try limiting the usage of videos, subscription music, and standard features.

You can also change your backlight to a lower setting. Having the backlight set to a bright setting will use battery more quickly. When the YP-P3 is not in use, press the hold button to prevent the backlight and player from turning on.

If there has been an extended amount of time from when you charged your device to when you turned it on, it may not have been charged to it’s full battery the first time.

When charging your device while connected to a PC, the battery may be draining if the PC has not detected the device. Wait a few minutes to see if the device displays “charging” or “connected to USB”. If it still does not show up, try removing it from the PC and trying again until the PC recognizes the device.

If the buttons for the volume are not responding, you may need to replace it.

Press the HOLD/ON button once. This button is located on the top of the device, near the volume controls. Pressing once should unlock all the buttons. Pressing again will re-lock the buttons.

Part of the charger cable is stuck in the charger slot.

The best solution is to remove the charger with tweezers, if enough of the broken part is sticking out of the slot. You should be able to buy another USB charger cable online for less than $10.00.

This requires replacing the entire printed circuit board (PCB). The charger slot cannot be replaced by itself, unfortunately.

If the broken part of the cable cannot be removed from the slot, you can replace the PCB if you are able to find a spare PCB online. These parts can be hard to obtain, unfortunately.

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