Sega CD Troubleshooting

The Sega CD is an add-on peripheral for the Sega Genesis that allows the use of CD-ROM games specially written for the Sega CD system. It can also be used as a regular CD player (the sound comes through the television).

If your Sega CD fails to turn on, check to make sure AC adapters are connected to both the Sega CD and the Genesis and plugged into working outlets. Also check to make sure the Sega CD is connected correctly to the Genesis and cable connections are secure.

"memory is full"

You can access the Sega CD RAM menu in two ways. The first is to press Start+A+B+C. The second is to insert an audio CD, and choose the Options menu when the CD begins playing. From there, you can clear the RAM.

If there is no picture displayed on your TV screen make sure that the TV monitor is turned on and that the channel switch setting (3 or 4) on the back of the Genesis is the same as the TV channel being used.

If there is no sound check to see that stereo cables are firmly attached and the sound mixing cable is properly connected to the Sega CD and the Genesis.

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