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Unable to connect Bluetooth device ¶ 

Follow the instructions for your Bluetooth device to ensure that Bluetooth is turned on. Test the device with another Bluetooth speaker to ensure it is functioning properly.

Unpaired Bluetooth device ¶ 

If your Air Raid is unable to play music from your Bluetooth device, devices are not connected. Ensure the Air Raid is powered on. Press and hold the center button for five seconds. The Air Raid will enter pairing mode, and the LED will flash red and blue. When the device is successfully paired, the LED will blink red three times.

Bluetooth device disconnected ¶ 

If the LED light on the front of your device is no longer flashing blue, your Bluetooth device has become disconnected. Press the center button briefly. The Air Raid will automatically connect to a paired device in range.

Devices out of range ¶ 

The Air Raid supports a maximum range of 33ft from the connected Bluetooth device; ensure that the Bluetooth device is not too far away from the Air Raid.

Wrong device connected ¶ 

If the Air Raid is connecting to the wrong Bluetooth device, clear its pairing list. Press and hold the plus and center buttons for 3 seconds while the device is powered on. This will clear all pairings from the Air Raid. Pair and connect your Bluetooth device again.

Air Raid will not pair or connect to a Bluetooth device ¶ 

If the Air Raid will not pair or connect to a Bluetooth device after attempting all of the above steps, the device is likely malfunctioning. Your next step will be to replace the motherboard, essentially the heart of the device. Refer to replacement guide.

Device will not charge ¶ 

You have plugged in your speakers and they won’t charge, or the battery life doesn’t last as long as it once did.

Playing at max volume ¶ 

When you play music at maximum volume, the Air Raid will be depleting the charge on the battery faster than the battery is being charged. Turn the volume down or off in order to charge.

Loose charging connection ¶ 

Check the connection between the device and the charger, and the charger and the wall. There should be no metal showing between the device and the charger, and the charger connection to the wall should not wiggle.

Charging from a computer ¶ 

A computer USB port may not provide enough power to charge the device. Use the recommended charger with a wall receptacle.

Using wrong charger ¶ 

Any charger that was not sold with the Air Raid can provide the wrong voltage or current. This can cause the battery to not charge and eventually degrade battery performance. Use the recommended charger.

Unpowered wall receptacle ¶ 

Change where the charger plugs into the wall. Sometimes receptacles lose power or must be turned on with a light switch.

Bad battery ¶ 

If you have left the Air Raid charging for a long time, but the battery dies quickly after unplugging it, you may need to replace the battery.

Bad USB port ¶ 

If your device only charges when the plug is held at a certain angle, will not plug in all the way, or has visibly bent/broken pieces inside the charging port, you should replace the USB port.

Button inputs are unresponsive ¶ 

Pressing the buttons on the device has no effect.

Disconnected Bluetooth ¶ 

If you cannot change songs or “un-pause” using front buttons, your Bluetooth device may have become disconnected. To connect the Air Raid to a Bluetooth device, press the center button. Ensure that the other audio device’s Bluetooth is on. The LED on the speakers should flash blue once every 5 seconds as long as the Air Raid is connected.

Debris behind buttons ¶ 

Sometimes dirt or debris can get underneath buttons and keep them from being pushed all the way down. You may notice that one side of the button moves more when pushed, or the button will not move at all. Use a keyboard vacuum or a can of compressed air to clean the small spaces around the buttons located on the Air Raid. You may also need to take the device apart to clean under the buttons.

Defective buttons ¶ 

There may be damaged buttons, and it is possible that they need to be replaced. If all other efforts did not fix the button responsiveness, refer to the replacement guide to see how this problem could be fixed.

Sound is distorted ¶ 

The volume is too high or too low, the speakers are snapping, crackling or popping, or there is no sound at all.

Low battery ¶ 

If the Air Raid is low on battery, the sound may have a low volume or be distorted. The Air Raid must be plugged into a power source with its adapter. Be sure the outlet you are using is working.

Multiple connected devices ¶ 

When multipoint (multiple device) is enabled, the Bluetooth chip will search for a 2nd paired device while still streaming music from the currently connected device. This causes a short section of choppy audio immediately after connection. It should resolve and play normally after approximately 30 seconds. Also, the following will resolve the issue immediately:

Soft Reset: Hold Volume + and the center button for 5 seconds to reset the paired device list and then pair again.

Remove Air Raid from Device: Go in to pairing settings on the device and remove or ‘forget’ Air Raid and then pair again.

Damaged speakers ¶ 

If the above solutions did not solve the problem, the speakers may be damaged or broken. In this case they need to be replaced.

What if it is flashing red and its been charging all night?

jessydiaz87 - Antwort

same problem here

Terrance Snyder -

The only time my Air Raid flashes red is when I am playing music through the auxilary connection with my non bluetooth device. Check the number of green lights on the Air Raid to see if it is fully charged. When the Air Raid is plugged in for charging, is the green light blinking or not? If not, it's fully charged. If it's still dead and won't come on contact Skullcandy warranty department.

TJ Strong -

What do it mean when my light is flashing blue and will not change or connect my phone what should I do it's not even pulling up in my search under my Bluetooth for it

Dennis Boyce - Antwort

Press the plus button and the circle button simultaneously to clear the device of all Bluetooth device connections.

TJ Strong -

Power button doesn't work. Battery indicator only lights up when first plugged in. Can't turn off and speaker makes funny noise when disconnected

Carl Reinhardt - Antwort

Mine won't even go to paired mode it just sits there blinking red I tried press and holding for 5 seconds but still not working can anyone help me

Gavin matlock - Antwort

I kind of let mine die but then afterwards when I put the charger in nothing happened. I left it plugged in all night but they still won't turn on. I'm confused. What do I do?

Oliver Wood - Antwort

I have The same issue, did anyone ever get back with you about it, and or is there a reset button Maybe

steven -

my headphones won't charge there the Skullcandy ones is there a reset button or an address that I can return them and get new ones I got them on Black Friday maybe used them a couple times and they've been broken for a month, I'm hoping there is a reset button. let me know thanks

steven -

What if it only goes to one earbud then when I turn my head it will play both but when I turn my head again it won't play. What do I do

Morgan - Antwort

How can i repair my charger port? Its broken and will not charge. I dont know how to take it apart to sodder the new port on

Albert einstein - Antwort

Volume is minimal and volume buttons don't work. The play/pause button skips back and there is a continuous beeping before and after connection. Was working perfect then faded down to no volume.

Phill Noell - Antwort

I've been having the same problem

batmansidekick39 -

Did you ever figure out why?

Zeph Vangarde -

Help when listening to music it starts to beep repeadality and the only way to stop is to turn it off but it still beeps also the center button changes the music but the + and - button don't work Help Please

batmansidekick39 - Antwort

I've gone through 3 sets of wireless ear buds do to the battery over heating while charging and end up melting where he indicator light is. The package nor instructions day anywhere on there as to what change you should use. Anyone else having this issue? The last time I was using a charging block that was 5v 1amp pretty standard for alot of devices. What the f*** is going on this is beyond frustrating and expensive. Last pair I bought I got one use out of them and cost me $67 out the best buy kiosk in a Hawaii airport.

Travis - Antwort

My smokin bud 2 head set is not pairing. When ever I connect it showing pink indication continously. .

Raheem - Antwort

Indicator light is somewhat blueish red!it doesn't connect with my phn or even show in available device in bluetooth settings!

what can I do?

Heart Paul - Antwort

Did you figure out the problem?

Vinnie -

Skull candy Bluetooth Head Phones. Problem: Blue tooth / WiFi connect interference.

After trying to trouble shot the problem I can only come up is one problem. The Bluetooth Head seems to interfering with my WiFi when connected to my PC. When streaming (u tube) video the Head Phones Bluetooth does something to the WiFi and freezes the video / WiFi?

When I turn off the Blue tooth Head Phones the video will automatically start again. WiFi & Blue tooth I heard have the same band width a Open frequency.

Anyone else having issue like this with their Skull candy Bluetooth Head Phones?

Any One - Antwort

Mine will not hold a charge at all or even turn on. Only works perfectly if plugged in charge while on,

Weston White - Antwort

Me too. Will they just replace them.

proliferanter -

When auxiliary cord is plugged in and audio is played. The device will not play the audio. Bluetooth+charging work fine. (Recently bought)

Kieran BC - Antwort

What website do i go on a computer to get my skullcandy crusher wireless off protection mode?

Chris Leboeuf - Antwort

My Skullcandy wireless headphones will not connect. I have tried all of the methods on here. My LED LIGHT STAYS BLUE AND RED. I do not know how to change it. They do not flash it's a solid blue and red light please help me. Thanks

Vinnie - Antwort

Hello, I have loaded my skullcandy air raid to my PC for 2 hours, but it does not charge the battery, I have also put it to charge with a 2 amp, 5 volt power adapter but it does not charge the battery either, what should I do?

humberto - Antwort

How can I charge the battery of my skullcandy air raid ?, because I have changed the product in the store and even then it can not be loaded from the PC or with the adapter of my cell phone, please help.

humberto - Antwort

Cannot get the music to come through, just white noise. Just purchased any ideas

Tony Lucianno - Antwort

Try holding the plus and minus volume worked for me to connect hope this works for you too

Britt - Antwort

Mine is charging and you can see the green lights but won’t turn on

Antonio - Antwort

From where I can buy 50mm speaker drivers for my Airraid??

kritanjay.knp.1992 - Antwort

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