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There is a memory card with a dash through it on screen?

This could signify a few common issues.

Does your Sony Handycam have its memory card inserted into the memory bay properly?

If not, first attempt to remove and replace the removable storage media. This may or may not require a restart of the device

-Sony Handycam have a memory card present, however can not take pictures?

-Have you used this memory card before?

If not, attempt to format the removable storage media, either through the menu steps on the handycam, or by using a PC, Mac, or other computer device with an SD Card interface.

Sony Handycam HDR-CX405 SD Card Replacement

-If you have been using the memory device prior, however now is failing to save photos.

-If you have used this memory card before, and the symbol of an SD card is still present on screen. You may need to backup the SD card to your computer, and attempt to reformat the SD card. These steps can also be found in our in-depth guide on how to repair the handycam.

-The images prior to corruption can usually be salvaged.

-My device is no longer charging.

-This could signify an issue with either the charging cable, software, or the battery.

-Attempt a reboot of the device, If your device does not power on, skip to the next step.

If the reboot fixed the issue, the issue may have simply been a communication failure between the camera's software, and the hardware device sensors on the camera.

-Even when plugged in, the camera does not charge, or turn on.

-Ensure that the cable is properly plugged into both the wall or usb charger, and the mini or micro-usb port.

-Check to see using another device whether the charging cable is the failing to deliver a charge.

-You may need to change the usb charging cable, as detailed in our in-depth guide on how to move forward with such a procedure.

-When plugged in, the camera turns on, but does not charge.

This may be due to a failure in the stock battery.

-A new battery can be purchased online, from the direct manufacturing site, or from a third-party retailer.

-Replacing the battery is detailed in our in-depth guide.

Sony Handycam HDR-CX405 Battery Replacement

-My Sony Handycam strap is broken from the device.

-Advice on how to proceed for this issue is detailed in the guide.

-A new strap may be purchased, or new device strap fastenings can be made in a few easy steps.

-Sony Handycam buttons are stuck

-Through wear and tear the camera's control interface may begin to stick and/or Malfunction.

-Your Buttons may just be Dirty

-With frequent use, buttons on the camera may accumulate dust, dirt, and or any other liquids transferred during handling. This will result in a failure or "sticking" of the buttons on the exterior to the membrane controlling the device.

-Utilize cotton swabs and a small amount of 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean the external device interface.

-If the buttons fail to work properly even after cleaning with the alcohol, then a replacement of the underlying circuit board may be required. Refer to our guide for information regarding the procedure.

my hdr-cx405 camera has lots of noises. manual setting won't fix the problem.what is the problem? can it be frimware bug?how can I change or update It's frimware and where can I find it?


mohammad rahimi - Antwort

Mine also makes the power up noise intermittently even when power is off. I've manually performed a reset but the issue is persisting. The display on the screen is also intermittently turning off and on. Any ideas anyone. Grogane9@Gmail. Com

Eoin Grogan -

My HDR-CX405 prompts me to set the time and region as if it were brand new every single time I start it up, regardless of how charged it is. Is there an internal battery independent of the normal MP-BX1 battery and can I change it on my own? Sony wants more than the camera is worth to fix it. I tried making a question on the forum but the system immediately deleted it for some reason.

subzippo - Antwort

My memory card of Sony handycamcx 405 got lost can I somehow get my videos recover from handycam please help

Boby - Antwort

My memory card of Sony handycamcx 405 got lost can I somehow get my videos recover from handycam please help

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Boby - Antwort

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