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Sony NEX-5T Troubleshooting

Released August 2014, the Nex-5T model belongs to the 4th generation of Sony's Alpha NEX-5 Series. It comes with an E16 - 50 mm zoom lens which allows it's 16.1MP APS-C sensor to deliver DSLR-quality photos at half the size and weight of a normal DSLR. With built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, this camera also allows the photographer to easily share their high resolution shots online with one touch on its convenient touchscreen LCD.

Power Will Not Turn On

To turn the camera on, move the switch on the top of the camera from "off" to "on."

Battery Out of Charge

If the battery is completely dead, nothing will happen when turning the camera on. If the lens moves but the LCD displays a message saying "Battery Exhausted" then the battery is almost completely dead.

LCD Display issues

LCD Screen Not Turning On

If the lens moves but nothing happens on the LCD display, there is a connection issue between the motherboard and the screen itself. See our LCD Screen Removal/Replacement guide on how to get to the connector.

LCD Not Displaying Proper Image Colors

Your camera settings may be set to something other than the default. Check to see you don't have any filters turned on or changed the color saturation in the settings.

The LCD could be broken and requires replacement. See our LCD Screen Removal/Replacement guide.

The sensor could be dirty or faulty. If dirty, clean the sensor. For the best results, purchase a cleaning kit online and follow the instructions. If the sensor is faulty, see our Sensor Removal/Replacement Guide.

Battery Power Issues

If the Battery is charged, but the camera is not turning on

Battery Doesn't Hold a Charge

The battery needs to be replaced and you will have to purchase a new one.

Poor or Broken Battery Connection

The contacts in the camera could be bent or broken, causing them to not make a solid connection or no connection at all. If the contacts are bent they can be fixed by bending them back into place. If the contacts are broken they need to be replaced.

Failure To Recognize Lens

Lens is Being Improperly Attached

To attach the lens properly, line up the white dot on the right side of the lens to the white dot on the face of the E-mount. Gently press the lens into the E-mount and turn clockwise until you hear and feel a firm click.

Damaged E-Mount

Visually inspect the threading of the E-mount to determine if it is damaged or not. If so, the replace E-mount using our E-mount replacement guide.

No Flash Connection

Flash is Being Improperly Mounted

To attach the flash properly, pull up the tab on the top of the camera. Push the flash down into the connector. Pull up on the tap on the back of the flash and screw the flash securely to the camera.

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