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Buzzing in headset

Crackling or constant high pitch tone

Grounding error

Un-plug audio cord and plug it back in. If buzzing persists possible causes may be a grounding error or interference.

Dust interference

Vacuum the speakers well or use condensed air to blow debris out of the electronics. Electronics should ALWAYS be kept in a clean environment to minimize electronic contamination.

Electronic interference

Remove unused wireless adaptors from the other PS3 USB port(s). If necessary, connecting the wireless adaptor to the PS3 USB port via a short extension cable can eliminate any interference with other wireless devices connected to your PS3 (extension cable separate).

Sony describes several

If the buzzing issue persists the speakers may need to be replaced. Follow this step-by-step speaker replacement guide.

Bluetooth won’t connect

The headset and gaming device are both on, but the headset bluetooth won't connect

Reset headset

1. Plug headset jack into USB adapter and plug USB adapter into PlayStation

2. Use a thin object to press the hidden button on the USB adapter [link to PlayStation instructions]

Check for game station/ computer updates

Playstation sends out regular updates. Sometimes new compatibility problems are introduced with these updates, but generally, updating is a good idea. Look the most recent PS3 updates.

The device is not recognized by your PS3 ("unknown device" title is displayed)

Your headset needs to be reset to factory default settings.

1. Download the Pulse Elite Edition Manager Application on your PS3 by going to the PlayStation Store>Apps>All PS3 Apps

2. Open the application (It's located under "Game" in the Xross Media Bar)

3. Plug the headset into the PS3 via a USB cable

4. From the main menu screen of the application, press the Select button

5. Choose the "Factory Default" option and press X to update the headset. Once you begin to download it may take approximately 2 minutes to complete.

Bad Bluetooth board


A common source of failures in the Nintendo Wii is the Bluetooth board. If it and the Wi-Fi module are not fully functional and properly attached to the motherboard, the system will not boot.

If possible, try swapping the Bluetooth module with a known working one to determine if that is the cause.

Bad motherboard

If the power supply and wireless boards are fine, then the problem is likely the motherboard. Follow the [motherboard replacement guide].

For more information on why Bluetooth connection problems occur, check this out!

Faulty audio jack

The headset is connected using the audio cable, not bluetooth. The sound cuts out or buzzing interferes with the sound

Dirty audio jack

1. Un-plug audio cord and plug it back in

2. Use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to lightly clean the jack

Try a new cord

Plug another audio cable into your headset to test if your original cord was faulty.

Speakers don't work

The headset won't produce sound

Speakers are not powered

If the indicator light isn't displaying any colors this is an indication that the headset is off. Make sure the power switch is in the "on" mode.

If the power switch is on but the indicator light is off, the headset battery might be drained. If the battery fails to charge, refer to the next "Headset won't charge" troubleshooting section.

Headset is powered, but game station/ computer is on mute.

Check the system settings on your device to be sure it is not muted

[Bluetooth Connection] Headset bluetooth is failing to connect

Check your device to be sure that the bluetooth is turned on and that your bluetooth device is chosen. If they are both powered but won't connect, refer to the "Bluetooth won't connect" troubleshooting section above.

[Wired Connection] Headset audio jack is failing to connect with the audio cable

Debris can interfere with the connection of the cable to the controller or headset jack. Refer to the "Faulty audio jack" troubleshooting section above.

If the connection still won't work, test the cable on your other controllers. If it will operate with other controllers your controller needs to be fixed or replaced. Check out the Sony PS3 DUALSHOCK3 controllers.

Headset won’t charge

The headset USB cord is plugged in but it will not charge

Incorrect voltage/current

Make sure to charge the headset using the USB adapter in one of the front ports of the Playstation (do not use wall socket). The headset is designed to charge on the Playstation system, which outputs a different voltage than your wall socket.

Faulty adapter

Check the connecting pins inside the USB adapter for bending, debris, or other irregularities. Try to charge with another compatible USB adapter if available. You may need to replace the adapter.

Faulty USB cable

Check if your USB cable will charge or operate other devices. If it fails then you can solder on a new USB jack [link to fixing USB cable]. If you are not familiar with safe soldering methods it is recommended that you use/purchase another USB cable.

If the charging issue persists the battery may be dying or dead. All batteries fail eventually so compare your battery performance with the Sony Pulse specifications to rate performance. Follow this battery replacement guide if your battery won't hold a charge.

were can i buy the usb adaptor and can i use another usb adaptor

Deffkon - Antwort

I have just bought some Pulse elite to use with my PS4 and after the initial power had drained and it was time to recharge for the first time I plugged them in to my PS4 using my Turtle Beach usb cable. Nothing happened,no light on the headset,no indication to say they were charging but anyway, I left them charging all night. The next day I tried them but nothing,no charge,dead battery. Now I know the Turtle beach usb cable works as it is your bog standard universal usb cable,so I tried plugging them into my old PS3, into a normal electrical socket and my PC but still nothing. After loads of googling and still no real help I tried another usb cable I found AND IT WORKED! So,the moral of the story is; just because one cable works for one thing doesn't necessarily mean it will work for another.

Mark Philip Oakley - Antwort

Does it need to be charged for plug in or just for Bluetooth

swasted420 - Antwort

Hi guys, I bought a PS3 with Pulse Wireless Headset... Now all I receive is a straight orange light no blinking blue on the headset but the USB plug-in when I turn it on goes from flashing to constant like it is connected… tried to reset the headset by putting a pin near the ear hole and nothing seems to be happening any suggestions?

redmmguy - Antwort

I have a Sony Pulse Elite and it’s great. But the sad part is that every time I switch the power on, it is affecting the speakers of the headset either low or high volume on either speaker then gives a crackling sound when touching the power switch to fix the audio as there’s a need to position the power switch a bit for the speakers to work properly. Please help. Thanks.

Leon Franz Hanniel Reyes - Antwort

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