Sony Walkman WM-AF48 Troubleshooting

A portable radio and cassette player that was first released in June 1980.

Walkman will not turn on ¶ 

You cannot get your Walkman to turn on.

The power switch is set to the wrong setting ¶ 

The power switch on the side of the Walkman determines which setting the device is currently on. Make sure the switch is set to "Radio" if you want to listen to the radio, or "Tape" if you want to listen to a cassette.

Drained or dead battery ¶ 

If your Walkman will not turn on, make sure the batteries are charged and working. You can use a rechargeable battery or two regular AA batteries.

Bad power switch ¶ 

It is possible that the power switch itself may be faulty. If you need to replace the power switch on your Walkman, follow this guide.

No audio or poor quality ¶ 

There is no sound, or it just sounds bad.

The volume is not turned up ¶ 

Make sure the volume is turned up. Use the dial on the top of the Walkman to raise or lower the volume.

You are not receiving a clear signal ¶ 

If you are listening to the radio, it is possible that you are in a location where there is a weak radio signal, or something is interfering with the signal. Try listening to the radio somewhere else to see if that makes a difference.

Bad headphone jack ¶ 

It is possible that the headphone jack may be faulty. Make sure your headphones are not the problem! Try another set of headphones. If another set does not work, you may need to replace the headphone jack on your Walkman. To do so, follow this guide.

Cassettes will not play ¶ 

The radio works, but the cassette player does not.

You have a bad or blank cassette ¶ 

Make sure you are using a good cassette that has content recorded onto it. If you have another cassette player, try the cassette in that one. If it does not play, you will know that the problem is with the cassette, not the Walkman.

The film is not being rotated ¶ 

Try another cassette. If nothing happens no matter which cassette you use, you may need to replace the band that connects the film revolvers. To do so, follow this guide.

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