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Sony Xperia Z3 Troubleshooting

The Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone was launched in September 2014, Identified by model number D6616.

Xperia Z3 will not turn on

Xperia Z3 does not react to the power button being pressed.

Uncharged Battery

Connect the Xperia Z3 to it's charging cable, and plug the cable into a power outlet. After a few minutes, try turning the Xperia Z3 on again.

Damaged Power Button

If the Xperia Z3 is charged, or has been charging and still will not turn on, the power button may be damaged. First, make sure the button is not visibly broken or missing, then refer to the device page to begin replacement.

Damaged Motherboard

Another possibility for the Xperia Z3 not reacting to the power button is that the motherboard may be damaged. Attempt to connect the Xperia Z3 to a desktop or laptop computer, if there is no interaction between the computer and the Xperia Z3, it is a good indication on the functionality of the motherboard. Refer to the device page to begin motherboard replacement.

Screen improperly displays image

Screen is dark or distorted, or an ink-like substance leaking into the screen.


If the images on your Xperia Z3 are difficult to see due to the screen being too dark, try adjusting the brightness level in the settings menu.

Leaking "Ink"

The Xperia Z3 uses a Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD. When the screen is damaged or cracked from concussive damage, the liquid crystals responsible for displaying images become displaced, causing black spots, streaks, and color distortion along the Xperia Z3's screen. If this is the case, the LCD and screen need to be replaced. Follow the tear down guide to begin LCD replacement.

Xperia Z3 will not charge

Plugging the Xperia Z3 into a computer or outlet does not cause the Xperia Z3 to react or begin charging its battery.

Damaged Charging Cable

If the Xperia Z3 will not charge, the first thing that should be checked is the charging cable. Attempt to charge the Xperia Z3 with another micro-USB cable. If the problem persists, then it is likely not the cable that is damaged.

Loose or broken charging port

If the Xperia Z3 charges intermittently or not at all, the issue may be a loose charging port. This problem can be diagnosed by plugging in a charging cord, and seeing if it wiggles significantly. If so, consider following the teardown guide to replace the port.

Damaged or Failed Battery

If the Xperia Z3 will not charge, it’s battery may be damaged. You can determine if this is the case by following the teardown guide. If the battery is “bloated” or has visible wear and tear, it may need to be replaced.

Touch screen will not react to input

Touching the screen does not cause the Xperia Z3 to react.

Dirty Screen

Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the screen. Dry afterwards with another cloth.

Interference from screen protector

Ensure your screen protector is the correct model, and that it is attached correctly. If there are bubbles under the protector, use a credit card or similar object to squeeze bubbles to the edges of the phone so the air can escape.

Faulty touch screen

If the touch screen is still not reacting to input, it may be damaged and require replacing. Follow the teardown guide to install a new touchscreen.

Camera will not take photos, or quality is poor

Camera on the Xperia Z3 does not take or save photos, or the quality of the photos is poor compared to previous photos.

Memory is full

If the Xperia Z3’s internal memory becomes full, you will need to either free some of the memory by deleting unneeded files, or purchase and install an external Micro SD card into the slot on the right side of the Xperia Z3.

Damaged Camera

If the camera installed in the Xperia Z3 is damaged or malfunctioning, It will need to be replaced. Follow the teardown guide to install a new camera.

No audio coming from speakers

Music, videos, or calls do not produce sound.

Volume is down/silenced

If attempting to change the volume with the volume rocker on the right side of the phone does not work, power the phone off and back on. If the problem persists, check to see if the volume can be adjusted in the phone's settings. If this is successful, you may need to replace the volume rocker.

Will replacing the battery on my phone result in any photos not backed up being lost?

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no entiendo el inles

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donde esta el desmontaje de sony experya z3 racias

tomas - Antwort

My Sony xperia z3 screen always go black when a call is made or immediately I pick my call.

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