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Phone won't turn on

Your phone doesn't turn on after pressing the power button.

Dead battery

The phone battery may need to be charged. Try charging your phone to see if this resolves the issue.

Faulty battery

If you are only able to use the phone when it is plugged into the charger, the phone battery is no longer holding a charge. The battery should be replaced.

Bad display

If you have charged/replaced your phone's battery and the screen remains black, it is possible the display is bad. If this is the case, the display should be replaced.

Phone won't connect to the internet

Your phone is unable to connect to the internet or wifi.

Wi-Fi is disabled

You may have accidentally deactivated wifi while configuring your phone's settings. Go through the Wireless and Network menu of your phone's settings to ensure wifi is enabled.

Router malfunction

If your phone's web browser opens as a blank screen when connected to wifi, your wireless router my be the cause of the problem. Try resetting the wireless router to resolve the issue.

Phone takes unclear or blurry pictures

Camera lens is dirty

Dirt may have built up on your phone's camera lens. Try cleaning off the lens to see if this helps.

Phone case is blocking camera lens

Using an external phone case that fits, but is not compatible with the Huawei Prism U8651T, may result in the camera lens being partially blocked. Ensure you are using a compatible phone case to resolve the issue.

Phone has storage issues

Phone is displaying a low memory warning

If your phone is giving you a low memory warning, save your apps/pictures to an SD card if you have one. You also may want to consider removing any unused files from your phone.

Phone has run out of memory

Consider installing an SD card to increase the memory capacity of your phone.

Phone has a cracked screen

Your phone's screen is scratched, cracked, or in pieces.

Screen is cracked

If the glass touch screen is cracked and you are having issues with it not working properly, the screen may need to be replaced.

Screen cover is broken

If the clear plastic cover over the screen is scratched or cracked, making it difficult to read the screen, you may want to replace it.

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