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The TI-Nspire is the first in Texas Instrument's line of Nspire graphing calculators.

Calculator won't turn on

Your calculator will not turn on.

Unplugged keypad

If you pressed the "ON" button on the keypad and the calculator was unresponsive, the keypad may need to be adjusted. See Connecting the Keypad guide.

Drained batteries

If you pressed the "ON" button and an image of a dead battery appears, the batteries need to be replaced. Refer to Installing Batteries into a TI-Nspire Calculator guide.

Low contrast

If the screen appears blank, the contrast setting may need to be adjusted. See Adjusting Contrast on TI-Nspire Calculator.

Screen won't light up

The screen display is not functioning properly.

Cracked screen

If there is a crack in the screen, the screen needs to be replaced to allow full use of the device. To replace the screen follow the steps in Replacing TI-Nspire Calculator Screen.

Keypad is unresponsive

The keys do not trigger any functions.

Button is stuck

If a button is stuck or unable to be pressed down, it may be caused by a build up of dust. The keypad needs to be cleaned. Refer to TI-Nspire Calculator Button Cleaning guide.

Calculator is not reading keypad

If none of the keys work, it is possible the keypad is not connected properly and needs to be adjusted. See Connecting the Keypad for steps on how to fix this problem.

Calculator crashed

Your calculator froze or shut off while in use.

Won't run certain TI-84 programs

If you downloaded the TI-84 program, the calculator may have crashed because it requires another program to run. See the How to Run MirageOS on TI-Nspire guide.

Calculator is stuck on a program

If the calculator is unresponsive for more than a minute while running a program, then the calculator is likely stuck in an endless loop. To fix this refer to How to Cancel an Ongoing Program.

Connectivity errors

Your calculator will not connect to other devices.

Calculator won't hook up to a computer

If the calculator is not connecting to your computer, it is possible that your computer does not have the correct program or a different cable must be used. Refer to Connecting TI-Nspire to a Computer to fix this problem.

I bought a ti nspire cx not to long ago and was able to connect it to my computer, but now that I bought a ti nspire cx cas and downloaded the software and put in the lic. stuff, I can not connect my ti nspire cx cas version... can you help me?

tamed2x - Antwort

It is currently recognizing the keyboard that is not on it and will not recognize the one that is

Kathy Schurig - Antwort

My TI-nspire cx refuses to change the graph settings to Radians…. I have tried everything… please help!

Isabella - Antwort

When I type in a problem, i get the problem as my answer. What am I doing wrong? For example, when I type in Log base10 of 20. The answer is the same thing.

Michael Murphy - Antwort

my calculator shows system error and refuses to turn on without a power source

Tanvir Hassan - Antwort

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