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Dieses Wiki wurde von einem der Studenten unseres Bildungsprogramms erstellt. Es wurde nicht von iFixit Mitarbeitern überprüft.

Holding the on button constantly does not turn on the device.

Instead of taking apart the device, first check that you plug your device on the charger and allow it some time to boot up.

Batteries aren't perfect because after a while, it is almost impossible for them to keep a proper current of charge. If this occurs, it is highly recommended to replace the battery.

It is possible that the display or back-light is not properly adjusted. If this is the case, then look at the User Manual to properly configure your device.

If the device still will not turn on, then it is most likely the logic board.

No sound or there is cracking sound.

If you tap the voice control button located on the left edge of the navigating map interface, voice command prompt will appear and will display a selection of available spoken commands which will verbally ask you to speak a command. These commands can also control the volume. So check and make sure volume command is not on mute.

The touch screen makes life easier, but at times, you might accidentally touch something that might change the settings. The volume control should be checked at this moment to isolate the problem.

If the volume is confirmed on, but still there is no sound, or distortion is getting worse, then the device definitely has a bad speaker. The solution is to simply replace the speaker or if you have the proper equipment, re-solder it back to the motherboard.

TomTom's latest map version is 940. If your device is using an older version, it will not find newer streets added after its release. So it is recommend to check your version and update it accordingly.

A newer version for this software allows for better maps, so it is important to update the software.

In order to update the software, connect the device into the computer. The device should have come with a USB cord for this action. Once the device is plugged in, open TomTom Home (it should be installed on your computer when you did your first update with the device) and go to the software section. There will be an option to download the new software by clicking on update. Be sure to look at the advanced update settings to download only the countries that you need, so that you can save as much space on your SD Card as possible. For more information from TomTom's website, click here.

Services are received via built-in cellular modem and there is a fee for that. The first year comes with the device and after that, it is $59.95. Make sure your subscription is up to date.

Try using the device in a different location because at times, the signal might be weak at that particular spot. The error message you will usually encounter is “Cannot connect to LIVE services. Please try again later.”

When everything else fails...

If you have done everything you can to fix your device, it is then best to reset it. To reset the device, hold down the reset button (located above SD card slot) by using a small object such as a paper clip for 15 seconds. The device should shut off and turn back on with factory default settings, remedying most problems.

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