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Toshiba Encore WT8-A Troubleshooting

This is a brief troubleshooting guide for the Toshiba Encore WT8-A

The tablet's screen light is always on, even when the device is in 'sleep' mode.

Make sure that your tablet's software is up to date with the latest firmware. Install the latest Windows 10 update.

Turn off the Tablet and turn it back on to see if it is just a process error.

The tablet will not charge or hold a charge.

Charging a tablet required a higher wattage. Ensure you are using the right charging port to efficiently charge the tablet.

Purchase a new battery to install in the tablet.

The tablet will not play sounds or play sounds through the headphone jack.

This is a good starting point. Sometimes, there will be an error that prevents the audio from playing. Restart the tablet and then try playing again.

Make sure that the speakers and headphone jacks are clear of debris. Lint and dust is often found in these areas.

The tablet's screen is displaying the same screen or not responding to commands.

Do a hard restart of the device to end all tasks and start from a clear process again.

The tablet's camera is either broken or unresponsive.

Make sure there is nothing obstructing the camera's point of view.

See is the camera is still properly connected to the motherboard.

The camera is glass so, if cracked, replace and restart the device.

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