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Toshiba Mini Troubleshooting

Released in 2010, model number NB505-N500BL

My laptop will not turn on!

If you have another device that uses the same cable, you could either try using it on that device or use that devices' cable on your laptop. If it does work on the other laptop then the problem is not the power cable. If it still does not charge the other laptop then buy new cable.

Check to make sure you do not have a blown fuse in your house and that the outlet itself has power going to it. Maybe you have a switch that turns that outlet on and off in your house.

If your charger works on another device or if your laptop works but ONLY when the charger is in then your battery is most likely dead. In this case you'll have to get another battery and replace it.

If you have ruled out that the power cable is working and your battery works as well then the charging port could be the issue. In this case a new one would have to be soldered in by a professional.

My computer sounds like mostly static, and barely makes any noise!

Check to make sure that you have your audio turned on and the volume is high enough that you can hear it. Also try playing audio in different programs such as saved music or a Youtube video.

If the volume is on but no sound comes out, your audio drivers may need updating. Simply click on the start menu, click on Control Panel, and double click System. Click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager. If you are asked for a password or for confirmation, type the password, or click Continue. Click Sound, video, and game controllers to expand the tab. Inside Sound, Video, and Game Controllers, double-click on Sound Card, and then click the Driver tab. Finally, click on Update Drivers.

If trying multiple different programs and updating your audio driver did not solve your issue, it may be that your speaker needs to be replaced.

When I put my USB in the port, nothing comes up on my computer!

Try your USB stick in another device and if it still does not show up in "my computer" then you need to buy a new USB stick.

If your USB stick works on another device, then you either have something stuck inside your USB port (in which case you should try to swab it out) or you need to replace the USB port itself.

Typing on my keyboard does nothing!

If you can hear a crunching sound when a key is depressed, it may mean there are crumbs stuck under the keys. Use a cotton swab or a can of compressed air to remove the crumbs. If that fails, gentle remove the key by lifting it up and away from the keyboard and remove the crumbs. Gentle press the key back into place when finished.

If one or two keys on your keyboard do not work, they may need to be replaced.

If most or all of your keys are unresponsive, it may be time to replace the keyboard.

I can't see anything on my computer screen!

Check to see if there is a light coming from the power button. This light indicates the device is on and has power. If this light is not on, press the power button to turn it on.

If there is light coming from the power button, but the screen is dark it may be that your computer is sleeping. Shake the mouse or press a key to wake it up.

If all else has failed, the computer display may need to be replaced.

When u turn on the laptop nd it's said ENTER PASSWORD ON BLUE LETTERS WAR DOES THAT MEAN

Gracie Montes - Antwort

My laptop will not come out of hibernation

Barbara Ibarra - Antwort

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