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The camera will not turn on

You have tired everything you can think of and the camera still will not turn on.

Dead batteries

If the camera will not turn on, the batteries may be dead or missing. Either install or replace the old batteries with non rechargeable batteries. Recharging and installing NiMH cell batteries is also an option. See the Battery Installation Guide for help. If rechargeable batteries wont charge, consider replacing the rechargeable batteries with new ones.

Broken Internal Battery Circuit Connector

If the batteries are working fine and the camera still will not turn on, there is a possibility that the batteries are not delivering power through the Internal Battery Circuit Connector. In this case, the circuit connector may need to be replaced. See the Internal Battery Circuit Connector Guide for help.

The batteries will not work

You have put the batteries in the camera, but they do not seem to be working.

Rechargeable batteries will not work

When choosing to use rechargeable batteries, make sure the batteries are actually rechargeable. The only acceptable rechargeable batteries for HP Photosmart cameras are NiMH cells. Other types of rechargeable batteries will not work with this camera. If your batteries are not rechargeable, then you may only need to replace the batteries instead.

Non-Rechargeable batteries will not work

The HP Photosmart 935 also have some conditions on non-rechargeable batteries. The camera can use four types of non-rechargeable batteries: alkaline, nickel-metal, nickel oxyhydroxide (oxyride), and photo lithium (Li-FeS2 ). Make sure to install them in the proper orientation. For help with instalation, see the Battery Installation Guide.

You can not see through the viewfinder lens

You are looking through the viewfinder, but you are unable to see anything.

Lens is smudged

If you can not see through the viewfinder, the lens may just be smudged. Check whether or not the lens is smudged. If it is, then try polishing it with a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth.

Lens is cracked or discolored

If the lens is cracked, then you will most likely need to replace it. See the Viewfinder Mirror and Lense Guide for help.

The camera case has problems

There seems to be issues with the main shutter button

Case is dirty or scratched

If the camera case is scratched or dirty, try to clean it with a microfiber cloth and an Isopropyl solution. Do not use water on the camera. This could cause some of the electrical components to malfunction. If this does not fix the issue and you feel that you need a new case, see the Plastic Casing Installation Guide.

Case is falling apart

If the case is starting to come apart, first try to tighten the screws with a #00 screwdriver. If this does not fix the issue, you may need to replace the casing. For help with this, see the Plastic Casing Installation Guide.

Pictures do not appear on the LCD screen

The LCD screen does not turn on and will not display anything.

LCD screen is cracked, broken, or does not turn on

First, check to see if the camera is on and working(see Camera will not turn on troubleshooting) . Also, check if the batteries are charged and they are installed correctly(Batteries will not work troubleshooting). If the LCD screen is cracked, broken or does not turn on, you may need to replace the LCD display. See the LCD Installation Guide.

LCD screen wires have come undone

If the camera is on and there are no cracks in the screen, it is possible that wires plugging the screen into the camera have come undone. Repairing this will require some disassembly. See the LCD Installation Guide for help.

Where can I find an owners manual for the HP 935 Photosmart.

Please reply to helenor@optonline.net

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