Troubleshooting Water Damage in Bluetooth Headsets

Repairing any bluetooth headset that has water damage ¶ 

Bluetooth headsets are one of the most commonly damaged electronic pieces and for good reasons: they are very frequently left in a pocket when clothes goe to the washing machine. Fixing them is often easy though.

  • The first step to repair your bluetooth headset is to get it dry. You should do this right away, as the more time passes the bigger likelyhood that the device will suffer permanent damage.
  • To do this, simply shake the device to remove excess water.
  • Then you will need to open it. Most bluetooth headsets can be opened without tools by removing their cover with a flat screwdriver or even a fingernail edge.
  • Next, fill a glass with de-ionized (also called distilled) water and place the device in it. Don't worry, distilled water won't cause any damage. Distilled water is non-conducting and non-corrosive, so it will almost certainly not cause any problem with the device. Shake the device under water to get water remains in it mixed with the distilled water. Remove the device from the distilled water and shake it to get is as dry as possible.
  • Blow into the device to remove as much water as possible. Even better use a compressed air can to get it dry.
  • Fill a new, clean glass with more distilled water and soak the device again. Let it stand there for a few hours. This will dilute any remains of soap and, more importantly, salts diluted in the water that got into the device when it got wet initially. While distilled water is not harmful to electronics, tap water is since it contains salts that make it conductive and potentially corrosive. Removing these salts and any other impurity in the water is crucial.
  • Finally, you have to get the device dry. Perfectly dry. Shake excess water again and then blow into the device (avoid spitting into it while blowing, if any spit gets into the device, it's back to new distilled water). Compressed air is again preferred, though be careful not to blow too strongly into the device. Some headsets can get damaged by too strong an air stream. Then, get the device even drier by putting it into a ziplock bag with rice or, even better, an unused pack of silica gel (you can get that from any large shipping company such as UPS).
  • Seal the bag well and let it stand in the sun (but make sure it doesn't get too hot). Every few hours open the bag to remove excess moisture and replace the rice. Let it stand for a day or two. Once completely dry, you should be able to plug in the device to charge it. The battery will be most likely completely discharged (low currents through the dirty water do that) but after a few hours in the charger it should be back to working condition.

What if they went in the dryer too? Are they fried?

Robert Cager - Antwort

why not dry it in the oven in convection mode, the electronics should be good to 50 deg C?

ilmar - Antwort

I went into chlorine water with mine--will this technique still work???

Jade richmond - Antwort

I will try , but how can i get unironised water

ddax61 - Antwort

What if it was in the toilet

Coby goldblatt - Antwort

My holigoo bluetooth headphones were accidentally dropped in the washing machine without notice, if I take it out and let it dry out and put it on the charger when it's fully charged will it still work?

Aaleeyah Petty - Antwort

I tried that with my Lifeguard brand bluetooth headphones that was supposed to be “waterproof” and it wouldn’t come on when I hold the power button

Ja'Shun M -

Wow cool . But In my case it didn't work . My Xiaomi Bluetooth earphones accidentally got into the washing machine and I am trying to get a solution to fix it.

Rajat Kumar -

i dried it out in the sun... it still works, but still, the sound was unequal. so.... i manually sucked out the air out of the earpieces... and then i tested,, and it worked!!! :D hope this helps!!!

JjcooL - Antwort

I followed the steps and it worked thank you you saved them they were so expensive

angelyneandrau - Antwort

My Jabra headset started working after a dunking in hot coffee!! I dried it then vacuumed it and then kept it in a bag of rice and said some prayers too, I must confess! After 3 hours, checked - it works!!!

Anju Saxena - Antwort

I accidentally left my mom's earphones in my pockets when I was doing laundry I didn't find out until I took them out of the dryer, can this still work for the mistake I made? I panicked and immediately put them on the charger, I don't know what to do because I'm scared of getting in trouble.

terriquez_victoria - Antwort

Cannot open my mpow magneto. I was just going for a quick run and it stopped. And it has not open since. Hope someone could help me.

carl_migz_punk - Antwort

what if it fell into distilled water?

miss.k.underwood - Antwort

I accidentally dropped my Tagg Inferno Bluetooth headset in water containing detergent. I took it out within a few minutes, washed it with tap water and dried it. Its working is as good as before but its audio notifications (on long pressing the switch) have changed their language - from English to what sounds like Chinese or Mandarin. Have I discovered a new effect of water? Or is it the effect of the detergent?

Ramesh Gupta - Antwort

My ’ jabra move’ fell in a pool. I picked it up via reflex probably less than 2 seconds. Tried switching the bluetooth on, it came up but went off immediately. It didnt come up but after about 6hrs it came on. No blow drier, nothing. I'm happy

chukwudike okereke - Antwort

What if my bluetoory device cant be opened???

Soh CzeYa - Antwort

I accedentally dropped a little water on it will it still affect them ?? It was like a drip or 2 their beats and r expensive so idk I am so worried (plz reply ASAP)

AnnieGamingTube - Antwort

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