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Pressing the power button does nothing, no display on the screen.

Replace the AA batteries in the back of the device.

Confirm that all batteries are correctly placed in the battery compartment of the device.

Securely connect the AC adaptor or car adaptor to both the device and the power source.

The picture displayed on the screen is non existent or incorrect and pressing the power button has no response.

Disconnect all power supplies (batteries and adaptor), and then reconnect all power supplies. Remove the cartridge, cleaning it if necessary, and then re-insert it into the device.

It is impossible to select the correct icon on the screen.

To recalibrate the touch screen, turn the device OFF and hold down the "Home" button, the "Question mark" button, and the "Sound/Speaker" button at the same time while turning the device back on. Then follow the steps displayed on the screen.

Any other ideas for fixing the display screen? Mine comes one but is completely white

miriaheisenhower - Antwort

My touch screen doesnt respond at all, so the calibration doesnt work.

Ninad Kuchekar - Antwort

My Granddaughter dropped the device…now the power button wont turn on the device. It seems more stiff than before. Any ideas?

Randall Dodd - Antwort

My granddaughter dropped her innotab 3 now the device wont power on and the power button seems more stiff. We have plugged in and replaced batteries. ANY IDEAS?

Randall Dodd - Antwort

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