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Xelio P900A-BK Troubleshooting

Released July 2013 identified by the model number P900A-BK.

Cannot connect to a Wi-Fi connection ¶ 

The Wi-Fi on the tablet is not turned on ¶ 

From the main screen select Settings then select Wireless & Networks. Now in the Wireless & Networks turn Wi-Fi "On". Wi-Fi networks that you can connect to will appear, now select the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect. You will see Signal Strength and Security Type, Choose this option then enter password key and check the box "show password" to verify your entry. Now select connect

Not in range of a Wi-Fi connection ¶ 

Check to see if there are Wi-Fi connections in range. If no Wi-Fi connection is available move the tablet closer to a router.

Date/Time is incorrect on the Tablet ¶ 

Tablet’s Automatic Date & Time is not working ¶ 

From the main screen select Settings, Then select System (scroll down on the menu the option will be on the left). In the system menu select Date & Time. The option will appear on the right side of tablet. There will be a option to Un-check Automatic Date & Time, doing this you will be able to set your own Date and Time. You can re-check the Automatic Date & Time after if you wish. When setting your own Date & Time select Time Zone, to change time zone. Then you will have the option to chose the Time format, either 12 hour or 24 hour format. Lastly you will choose the Choose Date format either short, long or international.

Headphones won’t emit sound ¶ 

Volume is set to Zero (0) ¶ 

Please check the volume to see if it is set to Zero (0), if so turn volume up to desired amount.

Music file is damaged ¶ 

Check the music file to see if it is damaged. If the file has been damaged, it may lead to distorted sounds and effects.

If file is damaged delete the file and download it again. Then check to see if the file is still damaged.

Tablet will not turn on ¶ 

Tablet is battery is out of power ¶ 

Plug tablet changer in and check again if red light appears wait until display comes on.

Tablet charger port is damaged ¶ 

If the tablet does not charge, connection may need to be fixed or may need to replace the battery.

Tablet is over heating ¶ 

When tablet is charging ¶ 

Tablet is working overtime

Remove charger and lock the tablet. Then let the tablet sit for 15 minutes and check if it is still hot. If the tablet is still hot close any open apps on the tablet, lock the tablet and wait another 10 minutes.

When tablet is not charging ¶ 

Application(s) are working overtime

Then close all of the open apps, lock the tablet and wait 15 minutes. If tablet is still hot wait another 10 minutes.

Tablet is in a hot environment

If tablet is in a hot environment remove the tablet from the hot environment if it is in one. Then wait 15 minutes and check if the tablet is still hot. If the tablet is still hot wait another 10 minutes and check again.

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