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Xiaomi Redmi 2 Troubleshooting

Pressing the power button does not initiate power in the device.

Make sure the battery is charged. If the phone fails to turn on, plug the charger into the phone to see if there is any indication that the phone is charging.

A hardware glitch may cause the phone display to remain dark. Remove the battery for 10 seconds. This will drain electricity stored in the capacitors and cut power to the entire device. Return the battery and turn the device on. If there was a hardware glitch, the problem should be resolved.

The gold contacts between the phone and the battery may be dirty, disrupting the current that travels from the battery to the phone. Take the battery out and clean the contacts. Return the battery and turn the device on.

If the phone still doesn't turn on, the LCD display could be broken. The LCD display must be replaced.

The power button on your phone may have a defective power button. If the power button is not received power it will not function in turning the phone on/off. The power button must be replaced.

If the previous the previous adjustments are not applicable or do not fix the Redmi 2, it is possible that the phones motherboard is broken or damaged. To diagnose this problem, ensure that the simpler solutions were not successful and replace the motherboard.

Even when the phone is plugged in for up to three hours, the battery indicator is not at 100% .

The charging source could be damaged. Plug in the phone and look for charging indicators. When the phone is plugged in, it should briefly vibrate and the battery symbol should change from grey to green.

The wall outlet being used to charge your phone may be disconnected, damaged, or not switched on. Check the wall outlet with another device. Plug in a lamp or other simple appliance to check the voltage and amperage of your outlet.

Your charging cord and/or converter may be damaged. Check the charging cord and converter for damage by looking for cracks, delaminations, or frayed wires.

If charging sources are not the problem, your battery may be defective or has exceeded it's useful life. The battery must be replaced.

The battery life will not maintain its charge for a reasonable amount of time.

Issues can arise with a wall outlet, charger or battery. Refer to the solutions provided under " Redmi 2 battery charges slowly" to relieve these problems .

The power settings on your Redmi 2 may be set to 'enhanced' instead of 'balanced.' An 'enhanced' setting will keep your phones screen brightness at the highest level whenever possible, execute full usage of any apps you use, and induce all screen effects, such as the movement of an app when you press it. Your phone will reduce the screen brightness when possible , use a low amount of energy for each app, and reduce any screen effects by changing this setting to 'balanced.' This setting change should improve battery life.

Since there are many different apps a phone can contain, whether they come with the phone (a photo gallery, notepad), or can be downloaded (social media apps, games) they have the possibility to use much of your battery, even when you aren't using them. Completely close apps when you are done using them, to increase your battery life.

If the adjustments to charging methods, background app usage, and power settings do not improve the longevity of your battery life, it may be defective or has exceeded it's useful life. The battery should be replaced to solve this issue.

Phone appears to be on but the screen is unresponsive.

Hold the on/off button down for two seconds. If the problem isn't resolved, remove the battery, leave it out for 10 seconds, return the battery, and turn the device back on.

If your screen has an excess amount of dust or dirt on the screen it could interfere with it's functionality. Clean your screen with a microfiber cloth to ensure any dust or dirt is completely removed.

If the fingers you are using to touch your screen are in some way obstructed (ex. dirt or water), it could affect the screen's response to your touch. Make sure your fingers are clean and dry before touching your phone screen.

If your screen has any cracks or other damage it could cause an unresponsive LCD display. If your screen is even slightly cracked, replace the LCD display to fix this issue.

The motherboard in the phone gets exceedingly hot from prolonged exposure to heat sources.

If the microSD card is not the proper model for the Redmi 2, the incompatibility can cause the motherboard to work overtime. This extra work overheats the phone and can damage it. Replace the microSD card with the compatible model.

When charging your Redmi 2, the phone is receiving heat from the outlet. Once the phone is fully charged, you must remove it from the charger.

If you use your phone constantly throughout the day, it can cause the battery, and others parts of the phone, to become worn out. Try to minimize phone use throughout your day to prevent constant overheating.

If the solutions provided do not resolve the overheating issue, the logic board in your phone may be at fault. Since the logic board controls most parts of the phone, a broken piece of this logic board can indirectly cause overheating. To fix this problem, replace the logic board.

my phone redmi 2 prime I buy 1 month before in snapdeal. my phone i plugg in charger suddenly stoped charging. what should i do?.

gowtham gambhir65 - Antwort

my phone is able to turn on,but does not able to complete its reboot, and it keeps repeating it until my phone starts to heat up, its redmi 2 as well

Aizat Fahmi - Antwort

Same here. Is there any solution?

Sourav Ray -

Same with me here

Denise -

I have bought redmi2 prime mobile on 23 September 2015. It was good at the beginning but since 1month it's condition was totally out first it is getting activated only with a single sim instead of dual sim. And now its not accepting the memory card. I lost my invoice also . Can u suggest how to troubleshoot this issue and where can I get this.

teja - Antwort

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