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The battery life on my device will not last, even when it is fully charged.

Insert the charger’s connector into the charging port. Be sure to insert the connector into the correct orientation. Do not force the connector in the port. Plug the charger into a standard AC wall outlet. When the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger and disconnect if from the phone.

If your charger does not seem to be charging your ZTE Avail 2, make sure that your charger was provided by the original manufacturer. Sometimes using multi-purpose chargers can affect the charge and not work with your phone.

Using battery intensive apps/features while you are charging your ZTE Avail 2 can affect how fast it gains battery life. Close out of apps running in the background when they are not in use.

Most of the time batteries will not last forever and can begin to not hold a charge as well. Discharging and recharging batteries can kill them faster and sometimes you can get defective batteries that leak or start to bulge. If the battery's older than two or three years, it is probably approaching the end of its lifespan.

The settings on your ZTE Avail 2 can affect the battery life of your device. The display lighting can be turned down, and clearing apps can conserve the battery life. In addition, upgrading an old ZTE Avail 2 to a current software can slow down your phone's activity, especially when the phone is an older version

The ZTE Avail 2 does not respond to the touch of the user. The display screen is slow to react and many times jumps to a page or application that was not directed by the user.

Every now and then all phones need a restart to get them functioning quickly and correctly. Simply power off or reset your ZTE Avail 2 by pressing the home screen and lock button simultaneously. Then turn the phone back on to assess the sensitivity of the touch screen.

The ZTE Avail 2 phone’s touch sensitivity works via LED infrared lights surrounding the edges of the screen. If particles are in contact with these lights, it may become difficult for the device to accurately configure the touch of the user. To be sure nothing in obstructing this process, use a soft piece of material to clean the screen and to clear out any stray particles.

On your ZTE Avail 2, go to “Applications” then choose “Display”. Once you have chosen those two sections, select “Calibrate Screen”. Then the phone should direct you to step-by-step instructions on how to calibrate the touch sensitivity.

As stated earlier in the “Touchscreen is not clean” section, a grid of infrared LED receptors above the display screen process the sensation of the touch screen. It is possible that the circuit board, which is responsible for the touch screen function, needs to be replaced.

I want to use my phone to take pictures and videos, but the quality of those pictures and videos has decreased and I do not know how to enhance it.

There may be dirt, grease, or fingerprint build up on the camera lens from regular use. When this happens, the camera generates dull and blurry pictures and videos, and you are going to want to clean the camera lens and the phone case lens covering. The best way to clean the lens is with a microfiber cloth folded in a triangular shape. Never blow on the camera lens with your mouth because saliva can further damage the screen. To clean the phone case lens covering, remove the back cover of your phone (see the first steps of our Lens Replacement Guide), and use a small amount of alcohol-based liquid lens cleaner and a cotton swab to clean the lens covering. Let it dry completely before putting the case back on. All of these supplies can be found at any discount retail store for affordable prices.

The outer lens on your phone could be scratched, cracked, or broken. If this is the case, you might need to replace the phone’s back frame housing the camera lens. Affordable phone backs can be found on online sites such as eBay and Amazon, discount retail stores, and electronic stores such as Best Buy. Check out our Lens Replacement Guide so you can get back to taking those high quality pictures in no time.

The current settings on your phone’s camera could be affecting the quality of your pictures and videos. Before taking a picture or video, tap the settings button, to open all of the camera settings options. Here you can adjust image-related settings such as the white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, composition line, picture quality, and anti-band. Adjusting these camera settings based on where each picture or video is being taken will help enhance the quality.

The ZTE Avail II turn on and everything seems to work, however there is no sound coming out of the phone or headphones.

If the sound is distorted, first try to clean the speaker openings and ensure that nothing is clogging the area around the speakers. If there is still muffled or no sound, then you may need to replace the speakers by following these steps. Replacements are sold under the iFixit store page.

Before replacing the audio jack, check different inputs to make sure the problem is not with the input. If there is still no sound, then use the following steps to replace the audio jack. The following link will bring you to the iFixit store for audio jacks.

This can typically be fixed by cleaning out the volume buttons. To be able to fix the buttons that are stuck you will have to open the device and see if the button is broken or stuck on the device. If it is stuck then you only have to move it back in position. If the button is broken you will have can find new buttons here and follow these instructions on how to replace the buttons.

The WiFi reception on my ZTE Avail 2 is weak, even when my other devices will connect just fine.

Occasionally, certain WiFi channels can become over-crowded with WiFi devices, resulting in some receiving a poor signal. You may need to change your WiFi channel on your router.

Every computer or device that connects to your local network needs an IP address to communicate with other clients and to access the Internet. By default, most consumer and small business level routers come with a DHCP server enabled. This server hands out and manages the IP addresses on your local network. You may receive a better connection with your device by configuring a static IP address.

There are two different approaches you can use to move from using dynamic IPs, handed out by DHCP, to configuring static or permanent addresses:

1. Manually configure select clients with static IP addresses: Input the IP details into the desired device(s).

2. Manually configure all clients and disable DHCP on the router: This is similar to the above approach but requires you or the users to manually configure any device that connects to the network.

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