Display will not turn on

• Restart the device by holding down the power button. The device should power down and reboot.

• Charge the Battery

• If the display will not turn on after the battery is fully charged then you will need to replace the Battery

Display screen is cracked

• If the screen has any cracks or imperfections the phone may have operating issues.

• Replace the screen following the screen replacement guide in the manual

Phone will not charge

• Check to see if the charging chord is damaged in any way.

• Make sure the charging port is clean of any debris.

• If neither of the above remedies fix the issue, replace your battery as it may be faulty.

No sound coming from the earpiece speaker during calls

• Make sure the volume is turned up during a call.

• If the phone is turned up to maximum volume and there is still no sound coming from the earpiece speaker, then the earpiece speaker is faulty and will need to be replaced

Phone will not turn on

• Hold down the power button for 10 seconds and wait for the device to power on

• If the device does not power on after ten seconds, charge the battery and retry.

• If the phone does not turn on after you have charged the battery then you may have a faulty battery or power button and either one will have to be replaced.

Headphone Audio is distorted

• If the headphone audio is distorted first rule out if the headphones are broken. Check for frays in the chord and test headphones with another device.

• If the headphones work well with another device than the problem is with the headphone jack.

• Check for any debris in the headphone port

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