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Zire72 Won't Turn On

No matter what you do, you can't get your Zire72 to turn on.

Hold ON Button

You may not be allowing enough time for the device to turn on.

1. Hold the ON button and wait for the PALM LOGO screen to display a progress bar underneath the logo.

2. Continue holding the ON button while the progress bar loads.

3. Release the ON button when the progress bar finishes loading.

4. The word POWERED should appear under the Palm logo.

Drained Battery

Try plugging the device into a valid power source and letting it fully charge. Then attempt to turn the device on with a fully charged battery.

Bad Display

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the display is bad. It is possible the screen bad and must be replaced.

Zire72 Is Malfunctioning

The device is acting erratically for unknown reasons.

Soft Reset

This is useful for solving a variety of basic problems and should be performed prior to other, more extensive methods. A Soft Reset will not affect personal data unless battery is low.

1. Press RESET button on back of device.

2. A PALM LOGO screen will appear, followed by a PREFERENCES screen where you must set the date and time.

Third-Party Application

If you have recently downloaded a third-party application, your device may be experiencing a "boot-loop" error. Try performing a System Reset to remove an error-prone application.

1. Press and hold UP button on front of device.

2. Press RESET button on back of device.

3. When PALM POWERED screen appears, release UP button.

4. Perform a Soft Reset to re-enable HotSync and wireless communication.

Hard Reset

This is an extreme measure that will erase all stored data and reset the device to the factory default settings. Only perform this reset if your data is backed up or you are willing to lose all data.

1. Hold the POWER button on the front of the device.

2. While holding POWER button, press and release the RESET button on the back of the device.

3. Continue holding the POWER button until the PALM POWERED screens appears, then release POWER button.

4. The next screen will ask if you would like to erase all data: for YES press UP button, for NO press DOWN button.

Zire72 Battery Is Faulty

The battery is malfunctioning despite following proper charging procedure.

Device Does Not Charge

If your device is not charging even when properly connected to a power source, you should perform an In-Cradle Reset. This will reset the charging circuitry.

1. Connect device to charging cradle or cable, and ensure cradle/cable is connected to a power source.

2. Press and release RESET button on back of device.

3. A PALM LOGO screen will appear, followed by a PREFERENCES screen where you must set the date and time.

Full Battery Shut Down

If your device is shutting down even when displaying a fully charged battery, you should reset the charging circuitry by performing an In-Cradle Reset.

Bad Battery

If none of these troubleshooting options restore functionality to the device, the battery may be faulty. If all other options have been attempted, the battery must be replaced**.

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