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enTourage Pocket eDGe Troubleshooting


No matter what you do, you can't get your Pocket eDGe to turn on.

If the Pocket eDGe will not turn on, the battery may be either drained or malfunctioning. If the former, simply plug the Pocket eDGe into the AC adaptor. Your device should recognize the power source and become operable after a short period of time. If this does not work, the battery may be faulty and require a replacement (Link to replacement guide).

If the battery has been fixed and the Pocket eDGe still does not turn on, the On/Off button may be malfunctioning. Follow the button replacement guide if you think this is the issue arising.

If the battery and buttons have been fixed and nothing will show up on the display, one of your displays may be broken. While this is not a preferred method of fixing your device, it may be necessary to get your Pocket eDGe working again. Please follow the E-reader replacement guide if you need help installing a replacement display.

Your Pocket eDGe turns on and functions properly, but when you begin to use the device, it dies shortly after.

If the battery is not completely charged, your Pocket eDGe will naturally run out of battery sooner than if a full charge was completed. To ensure a full charge, leave your device plugged in and out of use overnight.

Charging your device more frequently will actually help prevent the lithium ion polymer battery from wearing down. The battery prefers more, shorter charges than fewer, longer charges.

The E-reader screen displays an image but is unresponsive to touch.

If your E-reader screen is unresponsive and not operating adequately, your device may need to be restarted. Turn your device off and leave it off for 30 seconds before turning it back on.

If a simple restart did not fix your E-reader screen, the hardware may be malfunctioning. A factory reset can fix this problem. Go to Settings > Device Storage > Factory Data Reset (Towards the bottom of the page).

The button is visible but will not respond when pressed.

If the buttons on your Pocket eDGe feel sticky and sometimes unresponsive, this can be easily fixed by getting inside your device and cleaning around the buttons. Follow the (replacement guide) to get into your device and wipe a slightly damp cloth around the buttons to remove any unwanted residue.

If the buttons are simply unresponsive, a button replacement may be in order. Follow the button replacement guide in order to get your device in working order again.

Your Pocket eDGe will no longer allow you to download because the memory is at capacity.

If your device is experiencing inadequate memory, you may be out of storage space. If there is information on your device that can be deleted, go through and remove any unwanted data to open up memory for your Pocket eDGe. Click here for a page that shows how to delete things from memory.

If your device is experiencing inadequate memory, you may be out of storage space. If there is valuable, unexpendable information on your device, you may consider adding additional memory to your device. Internal memory is limited to 3GB but you can further increase the storage up to 16GB using a MicroSD card. Acquire a MicroSD card and simply insert it into the port next to the power button. Click here to see the MicroSD card slot.

need to be recalibrated.

lost all software

can’t go beyond wifi connection.

keeps giving me code 9 error


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