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iRULU AX106 Troubleshooting

Use our iRULU AX106 troubleshooting guide to help diagnose your tablet's issues.

The device will not turn on at all.

Before we assume the worst, make sure your battery is charged. Try to charge your tablet for at least 30 minutes before attempting to turn it on.

If the iRULU is still not working after 30 minutes of charging, then it's possible that the battery is broken and needs to be replaced. This will require a complete replacement. Before replacing the battery, check the next section to make sure the problems are not caused by a broken charging port. See our replacement guide for replacing the battery.

If the device will still not turn on after you have ruled out a defective battery and charged the iRULU for 30 minutes, then it is possible that the charger itself is broken. This can be due to overuse of the charger. Try using another charger, preferably one you know works to charge your tablet. If this doesn't work, then it is possible that the charging port is defective and will have to be replaced. There is no replacement guide for the iRULU charging port at this time.

The device will not respond to USB cables.

Make sure the USB port on the tablet is free of dust and debris. Any cleaning can be done with a Q-Tip coated in rubbing alcohol. Repeat this process with the USB port of the computer you are using to charge your iRULU.

Try using a different USB transfer cable and using a different USB port on your computer. If the cable works on a different USB port, then the problem was probably a defective USB port, and may need to be replaced. If the new cable works with the first USB port, it is probably a problem with the previous cable.

If the previous solutions have not solved the problem, it's possible that the USB port is defective and needs to be completely replaced with a new one. There is no iRULU USB port replacement guide at this time.

No audio is coming from the tablet.

Make sure the iRULU isn't muted in the device settings. You can quickly check this by using the side buttons to increase the volume and then attempting to play audio again.

If you are using headphones, unplug them and attempt to play sound. If it plays sound normally, your headphones may be defective. Try using the headphones with another device to narrow down the possibility of internal damage. If the headphones do not work with any device, they are broken and must be replaced. If still no sound is coming through your iRULU device with or without headphones, there could be a problem with the audio jack or speakers.

If after unplugging your headphones you still cannot play audio with the internal speakers of the iRULU, then there is a good chance that the internal speakers will need to be replaced. See our replacement guide for replacing the speakers.

There is only a black screen when I turn it on.

If the iRULU only shows a black screen, then there it is possible that the screen needs to be replaced. See our replacement guide for replacing the display.

If after replacing the screen the problem is not solved, then the logic board is most likely broken and needs to be fully replaced. See our replacement guide for replacing the logic board.

Browsers and apps load and preform slowly.

Background applications can effect the performance of the tablet and slow the application you are trying to use. To close background applications, go to the system settings and close all applications you are currently not using.

If webpages are slow or unresponsive, you may want to clear the cache and web cookies. To do this, go to your web-browser's settings and search for advanced internet options. Depending on the browser, there will be options to clear the cookies and cache.

If after these measures the device is still performing slowly, try restarting the device. This will terminate all background applications and allow the system to perform a hard reset. It is good practice to periodically power off your device to keep it performing at peak efficiency.

My iRulu is stuck on either the green guy with his arms folded or on android logo. How can I fix this?

ysecheslingloff - Antwort

So, I dropped this tablet, but only a couple feet off the ground. I was sitting down, and it got knocked off. When I turned it on, it worked, but after a few minutes, the screen went black. What?

Random - Antwort

i got the Irulu V3 phone on Christmas and i only dropped it 3 times, not even a foot off the ground the problem i have is that my phone is frozen or stuck, its not a black screen, its my regular wallpaper. I cant touch anything on it, I cant do my password.Nothing what am i supposed to do????

Chasititybowden - Antwort

I've my V1 phone for from Apr. 2015, it working good so far. Since this month (Mar.2016). It randomly shutdown when I'm online, listen to the Music or open the App...

Sometime it can turn on back by press the start button , sometime I need to remove the battery for reboot it up. How can I fix this problem???

jackims - Antwort

keeps freezing and restarting

Ann Tullos - Antwort

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