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Dieses Wiki wurde von einem der Studenten unseres Bildungsprogramms erstellt. Es wurde nicht von iFixit Mitarbeitern überprüft.

Device Needs Cleaned

Your device cleaning light turns on

Cleaning Light is On

Put cleaning solution into reservoir and press the cleaning button.

If additional help is needed visit:Cleaning Instructions

Device is Leaking

Your reservoir leaks or does not flow to brew basket after filling

Malfunctioning Reservoir

If water is not flowing from the reservoir to the brew basket, check the spring loaded reservoir connector and make sure it is in the fully extended position. If there is a malfunction caused by a broken piece causing a leak, email HelpfulNinja@sharkninja.com to see if they will warranty the old reservoir or whatever piece that is broken.

If additional help is needed visit: Fix for Leaking Water Reservoir

Open Drip Stop

Post brew cycle, move drip stop toggle to closed position before removing your brewing vessel.

Here is a picture of the drip stop in the open position: Open Drip Stop

Foreign Taste in Product

Your coffee has a plastic taste

Plastic Taste

Pour half of the bottle of rubbing alcohol in the bottom of your brew dispenser. Fill the dispenser with water, leaving room for the rest of the alcohol. Fill the top up with the remaining rubbing alcohol and brew. I recommend leaving the fully brewed hot water/rubbing alcohol mixture sit in the coffee maker for about 10 – 15 minutes before emptying it. Then, you will need to brew about 2-3 pots of additional water until you’re confident that the alcohol is completely diluted from your brewer.

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