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Which Is Better: OCA Glue or LOCA Glue?

This post will tell you the difference between oca glue and loca glue.

The most two frequently used glues in the mobile parts assembly are OCA glue and LOCA glue. Here are the details below:

1. Optical Clear Adhesive is called OCA. OCA is a clear gum, and it is an inorganic material. OCA is used to the paste combination of lcd digitizer mainly, in general, namely, the highly transparent double-sided adhesive. What is more, OCA has many characteristics, like, high viscosity, more than 99% of high light transmittance and anti-UV weathering resistance and so on. It would be the most suitable for OCA to be used for transparent material bonded

2. Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive is named LOCA. At present, because the use of LOCA is still not fully mature, some people use it for large-size of paste, and Samsung lcd screens without backlight all use LOCA. But it is an old technology, it has been replaced by OCA. Since the transmission of light of LOCA could not reach the optical level, what is more, there are so many disadvantages, such as, yellowing easily, corrosion, erosion of backlight, and something like that. The longer you use it, the more problems there will be. That is why this old technology has to be replaced.


1. The Characteristics for OCA: efficiency, high rates for good products weather-resistance, high temperature resistance, non-yellowing, etc.

2. The Characteristics for LOCA: corrosion, yellowing, getting into the backlight easily, long time for ultraviolet ray curing

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