This guide will show you how to make a delicious caramel apple.

  1. Acquire apple, stick, plate, and wax paper
    • Acquire apple, stick, plate, and wax paper

    • Write your name on small plate.

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  2. Insert the stick into the apple near the stem.
    • Insert the stick into the apple near the stem.

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    • Dunk the apple in the hot caramel, making sure to coat the whole apple.

    • Remove the apple from the caramel, twisting it in the air, allowing the caramel to cool slightly.

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    • Place the slightly cooled caramel apple on the waxed paper with the stick pointed up.

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    • Put a ton of toppings on the caramel apple, starting with the dry toppings, then the wet.

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    • Put the caramel apple in the refrigerator for at least an hour, or leave it out to cool.

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    • Once the caramel apple has cooled properly, eat it.

    • Use a knife and fork if you must.

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If you find yourself feeling ill after eating this delicious item, you know you've made it right.

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