Is the screen on your laptop malfunctioning? Here are some possible problems with your screen. If you determine that the screen needs to be replaced, follow this replacement guide!


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  1. Flip the laptop over.
    • Flip the laptop over.

    • Slide the lever with the battery symbol beside it firmly until the battery pops out.

    • Remove the battery from the laptop.

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  2. Orient the laptop keyboard-side up.
    • Orient the laptop keyboard-side up.

    • Use tweezers to remove the adhesive covers for the screws.

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    • Remove the two 6mm screws with a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

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    • Pull the bezel away from the screen.

    • Be sure to go one edge at a time! Do not pull hard on the corners as it may crack the bezel.

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    • Remove the four 3mm screws with a Phillips #0 screwdriver near the corners of the screen to remove the display.

    • Be careful not to confuse any screws. They are close together and you may remove the back cover instead of the display.

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    • Do not peel the tape from the side closest to the bottom of the screen panel! This may rip out the connector's wires.

    • Gently lower the screen and lay it face down on the keyboard.

    • Lift the corners of the tape closest to the top of the screen and peel toward the center carefully.

    • Slowly pull the tape away from the sides.

    • Lift the tape and disconnect the screen connector.

    • You can leave the tape stuck to the cable connector and still be able to remove it.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Worked great! Only caution that I would add is that on one of the machines I took apart, the adhesive strip behind the bottom of the bezel stuck to the bezel and not the circuit board behind. I had to carefully slide my finger between the adhesive strip and the bezel to separate them. Once the bezel was removed, I was able to stick the adhesive back down. I think this laptop may have been exposed to some sort of liquid, so this may not be a common issue.

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