This is a simple guide to wiring a keystone jack for used in house and business applications.

  1. Acquire a Keystone Jack

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  2. Use your wire stripper to cut the outer sheath
    • Use your wire stripper to cut the outer sheath

    • Do Not Rotate more than 3-4 times as it will cut the wires underneath.

    • when the length of exposed wires are at a decent length (a little less than a thumbs length) separate the wires by color.

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    • on the keystone jack you will see colors. line the wires up to the corresponding colors (white blue - blue, white orange - orange, etc.)

    • use the punchdown tool with the longer side of the blade on the outside to punch the wires in and it will cut off the excess.

    • repeat for each color

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    • open up your mounting box

    • there should be a frame for your jack to snap into

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    • place the jack into the mounting box, there should be places for zip ties to hold the cable in place

    • place the cover on top and you are done with your cable!

    • test the line using a cable tester.

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Make Sure to test with a cable tester

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