Use this guide to remove the battery from the back of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9".

Remove the SIM card tray (if present in your model).
  • Remove the SIM card tray (if present in your model).

  • Insert a large plastic opening tool next to the Kindle's headphone jack.

    • Make sure the notch on the plastic opening tool is facing the back of the Kindle.

  • Move the plastic opening tool evenly around the Kindle, separating the two halves.

  • Be careful not to completely separate the rear cover. There are two delicate flex cables that connect the display assembly to the motherboard.

Getting the SIM card dummy plug out a real challenge. Broke off one end. Seems this part was never intended to be removed.

Bob Steger - Antwort

Set the Kindle down on the rear case.
  • Set the Kindle down on the rear case.

  • Holding the display assembly near the camera, carefully open the display assembly up to about 90 degrees from the rear case.

  • These images show the Kindle laying flat. In order to prevent damage to the flex cables, keep the Kindle open at 90 degrees while disconnecting the display assembly.

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  • Lift the retaining flap on the ZIF connector of the upper flex cable.

  • Gently pull the cable out of its socket.

    • This flex cable is delicate. Be careful not to crease or bend it while working.

This is very delicate. The flap is very easy to break off. Remove the yellow tape on both these connectors and replace with ordinary plastic tape upon reassembly. If you don't tape them you'll pull them apart working on the other. A helper to hold the assy is a good idea.

Bob Steger - Antwort

  • Lift the retaining flap on the ZIF connector of the lower flex cable.

  • Gently pull the flex cable from its socket.

    • This flex cable is delicate. Be careful not to crease or bend it while working.

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  • Separate the display assembly from the rest of the device.

  • When reassembling the device, align the two halves of the case before connecting the flex cables.

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  • Remove the following sixteen screws from the metal midframe on the rear of the device:

    • One 3 mm Phillips screw from each corner

    • Four 3 mm Phillips screws surrounding the ports

    • Eight 3 mm Phillips screws from the body of the midframe

The screws are next to the ports, not the camera.

Joshua Feist - Antwort

  • Carefully remove the metal midframe.

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  • For easier handling, position the Kindle as shown.

  • Lift up on the silver ends of the black flex cable that lays across the battery.

  • Gently pull the black flex cable from the battery.

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  • Disconnect the orange button cable from its socket on the motherboard.

  • Don't remove the button from the device. It is adhered to the case and may tear during removal.

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  • Starting at the outside edge of the battery, use the flat edge of a spudger to separate the battery from the rear of the device.

    • Work carefully. Excessive force on battery may cause it to bend, break, or crack.

  • Move the spudger along each side of the battery, prying upwards with even pressure.

  • As the adhesive releases, push the spudger further underneath the battery.

  • Once half of the battery is detached, pry the other half in the same manner.

  • Remove the battery assembly from the Kindle.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you for the detailed repair guide! You can find a brand new replacement battery here: http://www.mpfproducts.com/products.php?...

This repair only takes about 20 minutes. Thanks!

Mike - Antwort

check out the CS Technology version http://bestbattery.biz/Amazon_Kindle-Fir...

Dave - Antwort

Great guide. Easy to follow! Step 1 was the hardest step. I had so much trouble getting the device open.

Racheal - Antwort

Holy heck was that a pain in the ass, but it seems to have worked. Thanks for the info.

jellin67 - Antwort

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