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LTT Introductory Guide for Creating a Media Server


    • To get things ready you are going to want to open your machine up and give it a good dusting, and depending on how old it is, maybe replace the thermal paste.

    • Once your PC has been cleaned, plug it in and reset it to factory default settings. You can do this by hitting the Windows key and typing 'Reset' and hitting 'Get Started'.

    • If you are running Windows 7 or 8 then now would be a good time to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11.

    • In the video, it is reccomened that Winaero Tweaker is used to kill any background tasks that may slowdown your server.

    • While Winaergo Tweaker can be used for this task, MSConfig can be used for configuring what programs should not run on startup.


Congratulation, you have just created your first media server! But, as stated, this is meant to act as an introduction to server creation and management.

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For the author:

In the Introduction you add the link for Unraid that is not RAID and is a OS meant to be a NAS and it's different from disk management on Windows.

Marc developer - Antwort

Hey there @mv_dev, thank you for the catch on that one! I've made the correction for the guide for future clarity.

Jacob Mehnert -

ok, well done

Marc developer -

For a NAS there is always Linux, though with the steep learning curve caveat. If you use an old desktop, those can drain quite a bit of electricity. If you want a media server (or a backup server) you could always shut it off when not in use. Also, with Linux, your NAS need not be only a NAS. Using USB serial cords or PCI serial cards, you could control serial to relay cards to control stuff with shell scripts but see the above caveat. Christmas light show server, anyone?

Michael Poulos - Antwort

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