Usa esta guia para reemplazar una tapa trasera de cristal en un tu Samsung Galaxy S6, o retirarla para tener acceso a otros componentes.

Retirar la tapa trasera dañara el adhesivo que la mantiene pegada. Sigue esta guia para reinstalar esta tapa trasera de cristal

  1. Te recomendamos que limpies tu microondas antes de continuar, ya que cualquier suciedad desagradable en la parte inferior puede terminar pegado a el iOpener.
    • Te recomendamos que limpies tu microondas antes de continuar, ya que cualquier suciedad desagradable en la parte inferior puede terminar pegado a el iOpener.

    • Coloca el iOpener en el centro del microondas.

      • Para microondas giratorios: Asegúrate de que la placa gira libremente. Si el iOpener se queda atascado, puede sobrecalentarse y quemarse.

    which temperature must be used for heating? Thx

    fbarletta - Contestar

    I found you need to be very patient when using the iOpener. It's worth taking your time, giving the heat time to work on the glue. When I finally got the battery out, there were some strips of glue left behind that I just cleaned off with some isopropanol before installing the new battery.

    By the way, I had to run the iOpener for longer in my microwave for it to get hot enough. When it was too hot to touch, I figured it was hot enough for the batteries.

    Fredrik -

    I didn't find this to be as hard as I had built it up in my mind to be; HOWEVER, saying that I need to say years ago I was the local Nokia service center in my town. But many years ago right after they got rid of analog times. Yeah. A classic installer/repairer mistake when starting something they haven't fixed or installed before is picking up the instructions, flipping through them; maybe even reading a section that is new-then tossing the instructions over the shoulder. "I got this." This usually comes right before something major gets broke. And I can tell you when you try to do it yourself and then mess it up horribly then take it to the repair shop. Well we called that "I can do it myself" syndrome and charged extra to put back together what they brought in in the box. Now knowing all this - I can't stress this enough because I am stupid, stupid, stupid. COVER YOUR SCREEN IN CLEAR BOXING TAPE AND READ ALL THE INSTRUCTION BELOW THROUGH TO THE END BEFORE EVEN ATTEMPTING THIS FIX. Take my advise.

    windizy - Contestar

    I didn't have an iOpener, so I used a wheat type heat bag. If you do this though, make sure you put a layer of plastic between your Mac and the bag, or you'll get condensation in places you don't want it.

    Martin Gray - Contestar

    I started out using the iOpener but switched to my wife's hairdryer. A heat gun or hair dryer proved to be much more convenient and is a time saviour. You can heat more and the glue becomes more fluid make the next steps with the opening picks much easier

    Jan Van Puymbroeck - Contestar

    Use a hair dryer! Watch this vid: It is much easier to do if you heat it from the other side.

    Fletcher Carpenter - Contestar

    I wonder how many people actually wrapped in their iPhone into iOpener and put this "sandwich" into microwave??

    putinaspiliponis - Contestar

    I know this is obvious, but backup your iPad with iTunes before you start. I'd also turn off your passcode if you have one.

    Laurie Higgins - Contestar

    Ther first time you heat up the iOpener for this repair when its room temperature I had to heat it up for more than 30 seconds. I remember I had to heat it up for around 45 seconds. However, after that when you need to reheat it again during the repair 30 seconds will be enough.

    Yousef Ghalib - Contestar

    I've been with Samsung for 8 years now!! Never did i have a case on any of my phones My Samsung 8 is 2 months old the case protector around the edge pop off and broke my phone it's like someone put a bullet hole in it

    Sherry Carew - Contestar

    Not everybody has a microwave. You need to state how long and at what temperature in a conventional oven.

    Esmond Pitt - Contestar

    Hi, the microware have multiple power 1 to 9, what must be used ?



    Cedric VINCENT - Contestar

  2. Calienta el  iOpener durante treinta segundos.
    • Calienta el iOpener durante treinta segundos.

    • A lo largo del procedimiento de reparación, en cuanto el iOpener se enfríe, vuelve a calentarlo en el microondas treinta segundos más cada vez.

    • Ten cuidado de no sobrecalentar el iOpener durante la reparación. El sobrecalentamiento puede provocar que el iOpener se rompa.

    • Nunca toques el iOpener si parece estar hinchado.

    • Si el iOpener esta todavía demasiado caliente al tacto, sigue utilizándolo mientras esperas a que se enfríe un poco más antes de recalentar. Un iOpener adecuadamente climatizado debe mantenerse caliente durante un máximo de 10 minutos.

    May I know the temperate limit about heating iOpener? (maximum 150 degrees Celsius?) thx so much.

    yamayhuang - Contestar

    I had to heat mine up for more than 30 seconds. After 30 seconds on high it was only warm. It had to keep trying different times and checking it until it got hot. I think the initial time that I put it in for was over a minute.

    whale13 - Contestar

    DO NOT USE IN NON ROTATING MICROWAVE! It will pop a hole. I had it in for 45 seconds the first time. It wasn't very hot inside and I saw it started to leak on the paper towel I put under it. Just a fair bit of advice. I think I will just stick with the heat gun. Loud but useful.

    Alex Jackson - Contestar

    I don't own a microwave.

    mdanihy - Contestar

    Its again waterproof when you change iphone 7 battery?

    Jon - Contestar

    I don't have a microwave???

    Joe Blow - Contestar

    30 sec at which equivalent watts setting and what temperature does iOpener heats up to for 30 secs. Only just bought it so needs info before using it. Thanks

    Sam Stieg - Contestar

    can i use just ordinary microwave???

    juneseok kwon - Contestar

    If I don't have a microwave then I try to use hot air gun so how many munuts i want to heat ?

    Mohideen Rifay - Contestar

    I heated mine up for 30 seconds, tested, then again for 30 seconds. It felt adequately hot. Leaving it on the left side, per the instruction, for a minute did not loosen the adhesive. I ended up pulling the suction cup hard enough to shadder the old screen. Moral of the story, I don't think it gets hot enough safely to have an affect.

    Travis Dixon - Contestar

    There is a clear problem here with the heating part using the iopener details are given. Whoever is testing them needs to make it clear - What temperature does it need to be? And for which phone models, because they differ in what's needed. It's only £10-15 for a laser guided temp sensor unit, and the designers/repairers should have one of those already for doing these kinds of repairs. Explaining half a repair, is worse than not explaining at all :-(

    assortedrubbish - Contestar

    I used a hot water bottle, works well as it covers the whole screen and stays hot for longer.

    dave - Contestar

    If I may suggest include your microwave wattage so people can get an idea on time for there own

    Patrick Storey - Contestar

    I ended up using a hair dryer. That iOpener thing took forever.

    mark fitzgerald - Contestar

    30 seconds sure isn’t cutting it… 45 didn’t get the screen of my iPad air 2 to budge either… even after resting on the ipad for 4 minutes.

    60 seconds in the microwave, the iOpener burst.

    I’ll get a new one and try once more with heating it 45 seconds and repeat that for 30 minutes like others have said here. If that doesn’t work it’ll have to be the heat gun.


    Karl Marble - Contestar

    • Saca el iOpener del microondas, cogiéndolo por una de las esquinas planas para evitar el centro caliente.

    • El iOpener estará muy caliente, ten cuidado cuando lo manipules. Utiliza guantes de horno si es necesario.

    Will a hair dryer work for heating the glass?

    Me berg - Contestar

    Yes, as does a heat gun.

    anonymous 4602 - Contestar

    I did this repair. I used a hair dryer, I think it works better: gets very hot fast.

    Cobus de Beer - Contestar

  3. Reparte el espíritu de reparación esta Navidad
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    Reparte el espíritu de reparación esta Navidad
    Obtén $12 de descuento en tu compra de $50 o más con el código FIXMAS12
    • Abrir tu teléfono comprometerá los los sellos impermeables. Ten preparado adhesivo de reemplazo antes de proceder o ten cuidado para evitar exposición al líquido si vuelves a ensamblar tu teléfono sin reemplazar el adhesivo.

    • Si tu vidrio está hecho pedazos, coloca cinta de embalaje sobre todo el panel para mantenerlo unido durante el proceso de eliminación.

    • Coloca el iOpener caliente sobre el panel trasero durante dos minutos para soltar el adhesivo alrededor del borde del cristal.

    • Necesitarás volver a calentar y aplicar el iOpener varias veces para alcanzar la temperatura suficiente. Consulta las instrucciones del iOpener para evitar sobrecalentamiento del dispositivo.

    • Mueve el iOpener para calentar la sección restante del panel durante dos minutos.

    • También se puede utilizar un secador de pelo, pistola de calor, o lámina caliente, pero ten cuidado de no sobre calentar el móvil -la pantalla OLED y la batería interna son susceptibles a daño por calor.

    are there any option out there that allows you to heat the adhesive outdoors without any power plug?

    Brotan Store - Contestar

    There's a star in the center of our solar system, you could try that.

    John Joiner -

    the way we do it at Get it fixed cellphone repair calgary is with a heat gun, wich is way easier than this, make sure to wear some gloves and dont worry to use to much heat as long as you point just to the back of the phone, (the back panel is thick enough to protect the logic board from over heat) instead of the usual blue plastic piece i sugest to use the thinnest metal razor knife and a business card so you can insert the business card and move it all around the frame, those blue plastic things are way too thick that will break the glass panel if you apply to much pressure

    get it fixed - Contestar

    After did that with my own heat pad, the white paint got ripped off but luckily glass back cover did not break. So I scratched all white part of the back cover and now its all transparent.

    Jae Chung - Contestar

    I used a purpose built heating device at 100 degree celsius. Lower temperatures didn't work.

    ken - Contestar

    I used a blow dryer, attached my multimeter heat sensor to the back to monitor the temperature. At 54 degrees Celsius I could separate the back with a suction cup from my phone without damaging the paint.

    LRD - Contestar

    I gave up on the hot bag after 4 heat and apply cycles. I was only getting the back up to 60c using an infrared thermometer. I switched to a harbor freight 1500w heat gun set to Low, moving constantly around the back, until the back read 95c. The back came off easily at that point.

    Nathan Wray - Contestar

    • Una vez que el panel esté lo suficientemente caliente al tacto, coloca una ventosa lo más cerca posible del borde calentado, evitando la parte curvada.

    • Levanta de la ventosa para crear un pequeño espacio por debajo del cristal trasero e inserta una púa de apertura en el espacio.

    • Como opción, una vez que la púa esté introducida, puedes agregar unas pocas gotas de alcohol isopropílico dentro del espacio para ayudar a debilitar el adhesivo en los pasos siguientes.

    If the rear screen is cracked/smashed, you will not be able to use a suction cup to remove it. The suction could would not seal because of the cracks. I tried masking tape, 3M shiny HVAC tape, and others, and the suction could would not seal to those surfaces either.

    I ended up using the sharp point of the smudger to remove some shards of glass to get underneath the cover to leverage it up and out. Definitely use gloves and safety glasses if you have to do this.

    dougpender - Contestar

    Thank you for your comment. I needed to see this particular instance of what to do when the back cover was cracked. I was going to try to suction it with tape covering it. This saved me some heartache. You're an angel!!

    Jessie Brooks -

    • Desliza la púa de apertura a lo largo del borde del teléfono separando el adhesivo que sujeta el cristal trasero.

    • Luego, podría ayudar dejar la púa en su lugar y toma una segunda púa mientras procedes con el paso siguiente. Al dejar la púa insertada podría ayudar a prevenir que el pegamento que separes se vuelva a adherir.

    • Vuelve a calentar el cristal trasero cuando sea necesario para prevenir que el pegamento se enfría y endurezca.

    Agregar Comentario

    • Repite el paso previo de calentado y corte del adhesivo en los tres bordes restantes.

    • Deja una púa de apertura en cada borde del dispositivo mientras continúas para evitar que se vuelva a unir con el adhesivo.

    At this stage I didn’t use a plastic pick as I think they are too thick and will crack a screen that’s not already cracked. I used a stainless steel

    I sesame blade which does a much better job of cutting through the adhesive. Just be careful not to insert it in too far. I sometimes put a mark on my blade to ensure it doesn’t go in too far.

    Wayne Lyell - Contestar

    I used a card like the ones people use to play poker or any card game with. Only one was needed to separate the back without any damage to the paint.

    LRD - Contestar

    Be sure to apply a decent amount of heat when removing the last bit of the rear glass, cracked the rear of my screen (only a small amount mind) trying too use too much force not enough heat for the last spot.

    spank2103 - Contestar

    • Usa una púa de apertura para cortar cualquier adhesivo restante.

    • Remueve el cristal trasero.

    Agregar Comentario

    • Usa pinzas para despegar cualquier adhesivo restante de cristal trasero y el chasis del teléfono.

    • Luego, limpia las áreas de adhesión con alcohol isopropólico de concentración alta ( al menos 90%) y un paño anti-pelusa. Desliza en una dirección solamente, no desde atrás hacia adelante. Esto ayudará a preparar la superficie para un adhesivo nuevo.

    • Siga esta guía para volver a instalar el cristal trasero.

    You should note that the adhesive strip may need to be fully removed from the frame in order to proceed with repairs. The adhesive on my phone covered all of the screws exposed in the next step.

    Sean Cruz - Contestar

    When I did my battery, the adhesive stayed almost 100% on the back glass and was still in good shape. What didn’t remain attached only lifted slightly and I was able to coax it back to its original location with tweezers. I didn’t bother to remove and replace the adhesive layer because mine was still good. I set the glass out of the way where it wouldn’t get dirt on the adhesive while I finished the battery swap. I added some additional heat (hair dryer) after reattaching the glass to make sure the adhesive made the best seal.

    Wayne Thomason - Contestar


Para montar tu dispositivo, sigue estas instruciones en orden inverso. Al volver a instalar la tapa trasera, consulte [

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Very nice job

amam nazer - Contestar

is s6 and s6 edge rear glass are the same? i order one of each and i cannot see any difference.

mcbainpoirier - Contestar

Can you do this on the a5?

Eve Beer - Contestar

Very helpful for those who want to teach and DIY

Granit - Contestar

What is inside the iopener?

Can you use a blow dryer ?

Heather Ann Dion - Contestar

That was a bit hair-raising, but overall thank you so much! I now have the new glass on and my phone is lovely and whole again!

Christiane Leger - Contestar

I was able to do this with a not-heavy-duty suction cup (the clear one that comes w/ ifixit pro tech toolkit) and no iopener…. lol… was travelling and couldn’t bring iopener on a plane, ended up using one of those heat pads for sore muscles instead. took a while, but it worked eventually.

Emily Kind - Contestar

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