This guide shows you how to access the LCD display inside your phone.

  1. Press button on back of phone below camera.
    • Press button on back of phone below camera.

    • While button is depressed, remove the back panel of the phone by sliding off (not shown in picture).

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  2. Grasp the battery near the bottom with two fingers.
    • Grasp the battery near the bottom with two fingers.

    • Lift battery up and out gently.

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    • Remove the rubber screw cover in the top left corner by prying it up with an iPod opener tool.

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    • Use a Phillips #00 screwdriver to remove the six screws on the back of the phone. Three are evenly spaced on each side.

    • The upper right screw is 4.5 mm and the others are 6.5 mm.

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    • Slide the iPod opening tool into the seam on the side of the phone and turn it slightly to unhook the eight clips.

    • There are three clips on each side and two at the bottom of the phone.

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    • Once all eight of the clips have been unhooked, lift the back panel off of the phone.

    • Be careful not to remove the front panel. It is still connected to the phone chassis by a ribbon cable in the bottom right corner of the motherboard.

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    • Using an iPod opening tool, undo the ribbon cable clip half way up the right side.

    • Carefully remove ribbon cable.

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    • Remove the front faceplate by lifting it off of the phone chassis.

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    • Using the iPod opening tool, unlatch the LCD ribbon cable.

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    • Using a 1 mm flat head screwdriver, carefully pry under the lower left and right corners of the LCD screen.

    • The LCD is held in place to the chassis with adhesive strips.

    • Do not pry excessively hard or you may damage the circuitry on the back of the LCD.

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    • Lift the LCD display out from phone chassis.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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