This guide will show how to replace a motherboard. The motherboard could be causing faulty display, not turning on, and bad sound quality on a continuous basis.

Before any repair work can be done, one must remove the device from the vehicle. To do so follow this link to see a vehicle general removal of a stereo system.


Kein Ersatzteil erforderlich.

  1. Locate face-plate eject button.
    • Locate face-plate eject button.

  2. Press the eject button.
    • Press the eject button.

    • Remove the face-plate.

    • Remove two 4.9mm Phillips #00screws on the front of the device.

    • Remove two 7.5mm Phillips #00screws on the front of the device.

    • When the screws are removed, the eject lever may fall into the device. Make sure the device is held horizontal and level.

    • Rotate device 90 degrees to either side.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to pry open the top and bottom tab respectively.

    • Repeat on opposite side.

    • Remove front panel.

    • Locate the clip on the wiring harness.

    • Press down on the clip like you would an Ethernet cable.

    • Rock harness side to side, pulling gently towards you until harness detaches.

    • Locate back panel.

    • Remove four 11.5mm Phillips #00 (silver) screws from back panel.

    • Remove four 9.5mm Phillips #00 (black) screws from back panel.

    • Remove two 7.5mm Phillips #00 (black) screws from back panel.

    • Remove back panel.

    • On the back panel there will be thermal (white) paste. Do not touch.

    • Remove one 9.5mm Phillips #00 screw.

    • Rotate device 180 degrees and repeat step.

    • Using plastic opening tool, detach the tabs. There are two on either side.

    • You will need to apply a decent amount of force to detach.

    • Remove top panel.

    • Pull up CD drive slightly.

    • Disconnect motherboard connection.

    • Remove CD drive.

    • Remove three 6.7mm Phillips 300 screws.

    • Pull motherboard up.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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