This guide will show how to replace a motherboard. The motherboard could be causing faulty display, not turning on, and bad sound quality on a continuous basis.

Before any repair work can be done, one must remove the device from the vehicle. To do so follow this link to see a vehicle general removal of a stereo system.


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Locate face-plate eject button.
  • Locate face-plate eject button.

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Press the eject button.
  • Press the eject button.

  • Remove the face-plate.

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  • Remove two 4.9mm Phillips #00screws on the front of the device.

  • Remove two 7.5mm Phillips #00screws on the front of the device.

  • When the screws are removed, the eject lever may fall into the device. Make sure the device is held horizontal and level.

The screws in red do not seem to need to be removed unless you are trying to replace the eject lever. If you're not trying to replace the lever, it adds an unnecessary complication to putting it back together.

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  • Rotate device 90 degrees to either side.

  • Use the plastic opening tool to pry open the top and bottom tab respectively.

  • Repeat on opposite side.

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  • Remove front panel.

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  • Locate the clip on the wiring harness.

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  • Press down on the clip like you would an Ethernet cable.

  • Rock harness side to side, pulling gently towards you until harness detaches.

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  • Locate back panel.

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  • Remove four 11.5mm Phillips #00 (silver) screws from back panel.

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  • Remove four 9.5mm Phillips #00 (black) screws from back panel.

  • Remove two 7.5mm Phillips #00 (black) screws from back panel.

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  • Remove back panel.

  • On the back panel there will be thermal (white) paste. Do not touch.

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  • Remove one 9.5mm Phillips #00 screw.

  • Rotate device 180 degrees and repeat step.

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  • Using plastic opening tool, detach the tabs. There are two on either side.

  • You will need to apply a decent amount of force to detach.

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  • Remove top panel.

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  • Pull up CD drive slightly.

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  • Disconnect motherboard connection.

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  • Remove CD drive.

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  • Remove three 6.7mm Phillips 300 screws.

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  • Pull motherboard up.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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