This guide will teach someone how to access and remove the screen display of their iRulu AX760. In following this guide you will learn how disconnect and replace the screen display.

Use a plastic opening tool or metal spudger to free the rear cover.
  • Use a plastic opening tool or metal spudger to free the rear cover.

  • Insert your spudger into the side of your tablet.

  • Crack open each edge and remove the cover.

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Open your tablet.
  • Open your tablet.

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  • Take your plastic flat head tool and insert it under the battery.

  • Lift the battery up.

  • Make sure to remove any tape from the battery.

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  • Use a soldering iron to remove the solder that connects the black and red wires of the battery to the motherboard.

  • Keep the wires of the battery taught.

  • The iron should only be pressed to the solder for 2-3 seconds max.

  • Be very carful, the soldering iron will be very hot!

  • Visit this link for information about soldering. Wie man Lötverbindungen herstellt und entlötet

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  • Remove your old battery and replace it with the new battery.

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  • Use the plastic spudger to pry the tabs open on the digitizer ribbon sockets.

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  • Pull the digitizer ribbon cables straight out of their sockets.

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  • Pull the camera out of the device.

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  • There are two thin adhesive strips under the battery that run vertically along the left and right side.

  • Carefully wedge a plastic card or spudger under the battery and along both adhesive strips. Gently work the card or spudger up and down to free the battery.

    • Do not use metal tools, and do not bend or puncture the battery.

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  • For information on soldering and desoldering, check this link.

  • You must desolder several sets of contacts before attempting to remove the motherboard.

  • You must desolder the BAT (battery), LED, SPK (speaker), and ANT (antenna) contacts.

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  • Unscrew the motherboard from the screen with the JIS #000 Screwdriver, a Phillips-head type screwdriver

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  • Use a plastic spudger to push the tab, releasing the motherboard from the screen. You can now remove the old motherboard.

  • You will not need a metal spudger in order to re-place the motherboard

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  • Remove the plastic peel attached to the back of the screen display.

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  • Remove the grey wire from the back of the screen display.

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  • Insert the plastic spudger underneath the screen display and lift.

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  • Continue lifting the screen by hand and pull it out until it is completely removed.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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