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Released December 3, 1994 in Japan and September 9, 1995 in North America. Models SCPH-100x, SCPH-3000, SCPH-3500, SCPH-500x, SCPH-550x, SCPH-700x, SCPH-750x, and SCPH-900x.

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The motor doesn't spin.

The PS 1 with the model number ending in 1001 made on the very first production run was unique in that it had some very lavish CD playing IC's that were not intended for a game console. When Sony recognized the over expensive IC's were used they redesigned the unit and eliminated the RCA jacks and changed the model numbers.

There are very few of these better units and valued by audiophiles.

They do have their share of problems as many less expensive players have.

I powered the motor using an old 9v battery and it spun.

I of course disconnected the motor wires from the rest of the unit and used small wires to momentarily apply the 9v battery power to the motor. It spun but will not spin when all connections are made and the unit is on and the cover switch is depressed. The reader lens moves up and down and from side to side when the power is activated but the motor does not spin.

I got 3.6 volts reading at the motor leads when connected to the rest of the unit. I think it should be higher.

What controls the motor? The main logic board or the power supply? Is there a schematic available?

I found a site that offered 6 different schematics for various PS 1 power supply boards.

I found one that matched my PS 1 and found all readings to be correct.


I found the motor connector that sits on the main circuit board was the problem.

I moved the connector, a small 4 wire connector, and it came off the board. It was only held on by 4 very small solder connections.

I glued the connector as close to its original position and let the gorilla glue sit over night.

The next day I very carefully re-soldered the 4 connections by using a very small tip on my soldering tip.

Then I reassembled the whole unit enough to play a disk and function the controls. After about a half hour and some very fine adjustments I got it running.

I am only using it for playing CD's in an audiophile enviroment. It sounds great and was worth the $9 I spent. I originally was going to use the PS 1 as a parts backup for my main PS 1 CD player but now I am using it to play CD's.

The experience I got in getting the PS 1 to work was fun and the reward is a good sounding CD player equivalent to a very expensive audiophile grade CD player that would cost several thousand $'s.

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I have found that there could be a few possible issues.

1) Bad spindle motor - there are several sites that sell this motor.

2) the black and white cable is unplugged or not connected 100%

3) the drive assembly could be malfunctioning

the last possibility is the IC on the system board fairly rare but possible.

good luck


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what i did was take the thing apart, disconnected all the cables for the drive, reconnected them, put in a disc and press down the little black button behind the drive and the disc spun. After i did that i put it back together and played syphon filter

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Hi!!!! I k ow this thread is very old, but i am having the same issue with mine. It doesnt spin my discs. Any disc, actually. It doesnt work with books on top of it, turning it on its side, ir any of that. I do feel, on the bottom of the ps1, that it appears the motor may be trying to operate, but isnt. There is a slight vibration on the very bottom when i first turn it on. Other than that, it pulls the memory card/cd player screen up, but doesnt go any further. Any help?

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The only one way is we should buy new one device

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Thats not the only way, I wish people would learn and try to do stuff on their before telling others it can't be done. I'm having the same problem and will post my solution once I get it working again WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING.


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Hi did you find any solution I am having the same issue on my SCPH-5501 model?

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I'm having the same issue ( 1002).. connector mainboard [ok] , cable [ok].. motor [ok].. I read that is a IC that can be the problem.. can anybody tell me where is located ? Thankx adv

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