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The first generation of the executive car by Volvo known as the S80.

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Rear headrest will not come down

THe rear head rest in my 2000 S80 ae electrically controlled. I think the switch is blown. Can yo manually get them down? Or how do you check for the electrical problem.

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Jack, check the fuses. for the headrest restraint it is fuse #7 (10amp) in the trunk fuse box. If those are okay, check the relay that controls your headrest. In the trunk area fold the left rear trim on the rear corner behind that is the relay box. Look for relay RMI14 on the attached image.

Block Image

Block Image

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will let you know after i try it.

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cannot be the the fuse. one headrest locks in the up position and releases with the dash switch. other one will not lock in up position!


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