Power issues on a aspire 5532

On my Acer aspire 5532 there is no power on indicator light and will not power up. I have checked the power unit and am getting 19v, the power conenctor in the unit is OK (has been replaced twice). Is there an internal fuse or other device that would prevent the unit from getting power?


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Joe, the only fuse I find on your motherboard is toward the CRT end. Unlikely that this is what gives you trouble. Check the voltage regulator PU2 on your board. Of course, you also want to check the DC connector, you mentioned that it had been changed twice already. Make sure that there are good connections, use a multimeter to make sure that you have power to the board. I believe that this series from Acer also has trouble with the power management IC ISL6237, check that one as well. Download the datasheet for it from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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near the pu2 on my board cmos battery's negative leg is disconnected and the terminal is burnt off do you know where i could connect it, it a accer 5532 I am having no power problem also

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