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Model M7886 / 450 MHz or 500 MHz PowerPC 7400/7410 (G4) Processor

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change cd drive to dvd -r/w, and airport card possible?

I have a Power Mac G4 Cube and I would like to put a DVD-R/RW drive to replace the CD drive. Is this possible? If so what model drive should I buy? Also,I'd like to put an airport wifi card in the machine as well... is the new Airport Xtreme compatible, or should I use the older Airport card?


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Hi, you can put a DVD Drive in (not sure about disc burning though), as shown here:

Block Image

But you can only have an Airport Card (not Extreme):

Block Image

Hope that helps

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just out of curiousity- what app is that?




This is an old comment, I know by now, but thanks anyways.


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Actually you can as long as you remember these things the wireless is going to be limited to a or b connectivity only because it uses the older airport card as long as the drive is slot loading it really doesn't matter because you can remove the ice adapter off of the back of the current drive and attach it to any drive

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